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  • The official greens speed measuring tool.
  • Official solid extruded aluminium model, perfect to assess greens.

The Stimpmeter is an extruded aluminum bar, with a V-shaped groove extending along its entire length. The tapered end (nearest the ground) has a precisely milled ball-release notch 30", with a milled out underside, reducing the risk of the rolling ball bouncing when connecting with the green.

The V-shaped groove has an included angle of 145 degrees, thereby supporting a golf ball at two points " apart. A ball rolling down the groove has a slight overspin, which is thoroughly consistent and has no deleterious effect on the ensuing measurements.

The ball-release notch is designed so that a ball will always be released and start to roll when the Stimpmeter is raised to an angle of approximately 20 degrees. This feature ensures that the velocity of the ball will always be the same when it reaches the tapered end.

The way putting greens are managed has tremendous influence on their speed consistency. Most of these factors are known to some degree, but almost all are worthy of research.

The Stimpmeter can help determine certain variables:-
  1. Height and frequency of cut are extremely important considerations. The mowers bench setting is no guarantee that greens are being cut at a prescribed height. Moreover, the condition of the mowers, the type of mowers (floating or rigid cutting units), attachments such as Wiehle rollers, groomers, brushes, combs etc., all can make a difference in cut and in green speeds. so does double cutting. The precise effect of each of these factors can be measured with the Stimpmeter.

  2. Watering practices and surface moisture (dew) are crucial to green speeds; moist grasses will be slower than dry turf at any height. Again, the effects of such variables can be studied and used to benefit of any club.

  3. Fertilising practices can be studied: the effects of rate and frequency of application, nitrogen source, and nutrient balance.

  4. Grain is one of the most common deterrents to uniformity of speed. How grain is affected by changes in direction of cut, use of vertical mowing equipment, riding versus single unit mowers etc., can be studied as they relate to green speed.

  5. The effects of weeds, clover, chickweed, crabgrass, pearlwort etc, on green speed can be measured.

  6. The effects of aeration, spiking, and topdressing can be measured, both before and after treatments are made.

  7. Speed differences among the different grasses presently used for putting greens can be documented.

  8. By keeping records you will be better able to observe, determine and explain variants in green speed throughout the year, and to compensate for them. For example, in spring, when Poa annua produces excessive seed heads, greens can be much slower and bumpy, thus inconsistent. Your records will serve as a reminder to top dress, begin vertical mowing, or invoke other practices calculated to help maintain the desired green speed and consistency. General Comments.

Additional Information for Stimpmeter

Knowing the speed of the greens may assist in determining whether a pin setting is fair or unfair. A green so fast (or hole cut in such a position) that a ball cannot be stopped within approximately 2ft (0.6m) of the hole from any point on the green, for example, is probably an unfair challenge.

Championship greens should be fast and uniformly placed, firm but resilient, they should place a premium on well-executed shots, while exacting a penalty for less precise shots. Close daily mowing, a light nutrient program, minimal amounts of water, a good topdressing schedule and a minimum of thatch are the means of achieving greens excellence.

The test for a properly 'firm but resilient' surface is the type of ball mark that results from a distance shot onto the green. In turf within the ball mark depression holds together, if it is more a bruise than a scar, the green has the firmness required of a championship green.

The Stimpmeter is robustly built, it is a precision instrument and should be protected from damage. When not in use, it should be stored in a plastic tube or case. Even relatively slight damage to the release notch or to the groove may cause errors.

Full instructions on how to use this tool are supplied.

For further information on the Stimpmeter, speak to one of our technical sales advisers on 01902 440250.

Delivery Information

Delivery charge applies at checkout. 72 hour delivery - excludes festive season & bank holidays. Please note deliveries to Highlands, Cornwall and more remote areas may take longer. Surcharges apply for non mainland locations, call for more information.

If you require any further information regarding delivery times, contact us on 01902 440250.


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£65.00 BMSSTM101 54500
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