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Five years have passed since Greg Evans MG started his agronomic consultancy business. In that short space of time he has noticed his side of the industry changing, with the traditional visit followed by a written report being replaced by a more 'hands on' management service. Several clubs have engaged his services with this approach over the last couple of years with visits on a more regular basis so that programmes can be set with the overall aim of improving the golf club's product i.e. their course.


One example is Cottesmore Golf and Country Club down in Sussex. Matthew Hazelden their General Manager says 'we had greens that were just not performing to an acceptable standard. Greg comes in on a monthly basis, tells us what is needed to get our surfaces to the required standard and then we set to deliver that within the time frame. It works well and gives us focus.'

Greg is finding this type of service more popular in the current golf market. 'My consultancy business is now 5 years old and I have definitely seen a shift from the traditional annual site visit to more frequent monthly or bi-monthly visits' he adds 'if structured correctly it can benefit both parties. It allows me to be more hands on with setting programmes and monitoring results. Plus it gives the club support knowing that they have the right expertise in place to advise and back them up'

Another club that has benefited from this arrangement is East Clare Golf Club in Ireland. He conducted an agronomy audit of the greens last October. From there the club retained his services on a frequent basis and the results have been outstanding. East Clare GC President Redmond Walsh said 'Greg undertook an audit of our greens and produced a comprehensive report detailing the issues
which needed to be addressed to arrest the decline.' 9 months on 'the results are amazing!'

Greg is also getting involved in employing the next generation of Course Managers. He has overseen the employment of a new Course Manager at Chiltern Hills Golf Club in Hertfordshire and is currently conducting a search for a Course Manager at a course in the Midlands.

He finishes 'I'm really happy with the way my business has evolved in the last five years alongside my duties as Course Manager of Ealing Golf Club. This has been a busy year - the golf maintenance industry is changing.'


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