A Sweeping statement

Rosie Duckworthin Machinery & Mechanics

SweepEx Grain
It's easy to dismiss the time it takes to shift grain in the store at harvest time as being simply a job that has to be done. Manually it can take hours out of the day.

Alternatively you can hitch up a SweepEx MegaMax broom system to a compact or larger tractor, skidsteer loader or even a forklift and in five minutes one man will do the work of five hand sweeping for an hour.

The SweepEx 'push broom with a twist' incorporates all the benefits of the unique SweepEx push broom while providing you with a bulk volume mover for shifting large quantities of grain in a grain store.

The MegaMax is a heavy-duty push broom with patented side retainers that hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush, while avoiding spillage at the sides.

The simple design represents time-saving in a number of ways. First the brush is quickly and easily mounted to the vehicle. Secondly the avoidance of spillage means there's no need to go over swept areas to clear spill lines.

Equally important in the careful twisting of the end brushes is the fact they pull material away from a wall or kerb to keep it in the main path of the broom. Add in the fact that there are no motors, belts or chains involved and no flying debris.

You simply have a time-saver that's also maintenance free, with hard wearing brushes and bristles designed to sweep up to 450 miles before they need changing.

That's a lot of work swept away and when you're not sweeping grain you can also use the SweepEx for moving slurry and other bulky materials.

The SweepEx MegaMax comes in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m widths with a whole range of applications for farming, landscaping, warehouse and distribution sites and snow clearance.

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