Agripower Awarded Coveted “Investors in People” Status

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AgripowerAgripower Contractors is proud to announce it has gained Investors in People accreditation. "Investors in People" is an important standard which helps organisations transform their business performance. The frameworks are outcome focused, outlining what you need to achieve, but never prescribing how. This flexible approach allows thousands of different employers of every sector and size to use the same framework.

"Investors in People" has grown to be the UK's leading people management business improvement standard because it delivers improved performance to thousands of organisations. Currently almost seven million employees in over 35,000 organisations have achieved Investors in People recognition.

The Buckinghamshire based company has been trading for close to fifty years
and has grown significantly over the last few years with turnover increasing exponentially each year. Having looked at the range of business improvement tools in the marketplace, Agripower identified the "Investors in People" standard as one which would help them significantly address any challenges facing the business now and in the future. Some of Agripower's motivation for improvement and change are listed below:

• Both internal communication with employees and external communication with customers needed to improve in order to develop stronger relationships and increase levels of commitment.

• While the company's leaders had a vision of where they wanted to take the business there was not a route map for how that vision was to be realised. By working with "Investors in People", Agripower hope to develop a more structured approach to business planning.

• By working with "Investors in People" Agripower hope to develop a more systematic approach to both inducting new recruits and succession planning to support the long-term development of the business.

Recent research demonstrates that "Investors in People" improves financial performance, increases profitability and helps organisations meet their strategic objectives. It is also recognised as a world class good practice, with a framework that has been developed over 18 years with some of the world's leading organisations.

Graham Longdin of Agripower said on the latest accreditation: "'Investors in People' is an excellent tool that can be used to identify ways of raising Agripower's performance and is a practical and reliable framework for continuous development". Longdin added, "I find the strategy of continuous development appealing, whereby the "Investors in People" advisers, assessors and self-check tools can tell how well we are performing, suggesting key performance indicators or providing tailored business advice on where to best focus development activity."

Agripower found the assessment to be thorough, however in light of Agripower's preparation for the assessment, they passed with flying colours.

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