Amenity Forum and UK Lawncare Network

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The UK Lawncare Network exists to support and help develop professional Independent Lawn Care Companies throughout the UK.

Recently they have decided to become full members of the Amenity Forum.

They see this as a way of further expressing their commitment to best practice.

They fully support the Forum as the national voice and initiative promoting this cause and seeking to continue to drive up standards across the amenity sector.

John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity forum, said ''We very much welcome the UK Lawncare Network to our membership.

The amenity sector is a very diverse one and it is important that we both represent and understand the views and interests of the wide range of organisations and individuals involved.

The UK Lawncare Network put great emphasis on quality and professional standards''.

The Amenity Forum is the national voluntary initiative representing the sector in promoting best practice in all aspects of weed, pest and disease control.

In recent years it has seen major growth in its membership and made substantial progress in furthering its aims and objectives.

However, John is keen to emphasise that it is still very much work in progress in ensuring everyone involved in the sector fully understand what is required and operate to Amenity Assured standards.

He says ''If we are to continue to operate with the widest range of control measures available, it is vital that all fully adhere to all the guidelines and regulations and fully support the aims of the Amenity Forum''.

On October 17th at Leicester City Football Ground, the Forum has arranged a major conference and exhibition.

The programme will address the practical implications of recent policy change and technical challenges.

Everyone with an interest in the sector is urged to attend You are advised to book early by contacting

Alan Spedding, National Secretary to the Forum, said ''Apart from the being an extremely informative event with a high quality of speakers and exhibitors, it is an opportunity for the sector to demonstrate its commitment to the highest standards and further strengthen our voice nationally''

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