Bolton Wanderers Football Club shine a light

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A Behind-the-scenes video has shone a light on the hardworking staff who help keep Bolton Wanderers running.

Staff ensure the club is maintained to a high standard

From making sure fans are safe to helping grass grow with artificial sunlight, their work often goes unnoticed but is vital at maintaining the high standards of the club.

Interviewed in the video are staff old and new - Joe McGlynn,. a member of the maintenance team, started working at the club in 1968.

He said: "I've been here 51 years, I like helping the young ones and passing on my knowledge to young people. But I was like a baby when I started."

Groundsman Tom Charnley started working at the club almost five years ago.

He said: "You're out on the pitch in the rain, the sleet and the snow. You kind of fall in love a bit working here, people don't understand the attachment you get. It does have a big affect on you, it's a massive privilege to have a job like this."

The video gives an insight into what life at the club is like before and after matchday.

Every detail is considered by the groundsman and maintenance staff so that the pitch and ground is at its best for both the players and the fans, when they are allowed to return.

The video was created by Dickies Workwear, who are collaborating with the club to showcase their weatherproof clothing.

The club was established in 1874, 14 years before the Football League was formed, placing it at the heart of the community for generations.

Chris Simm, the club's head groundsman, added: "Since I've been doing this job, watching football on the telly, you're not watching the football anymore, you're looking at the pitch - seeing how it plays, how well it looks.

"I think the pitch to the club is very important, especially to the managers and the players - they want the best pitch so they can perform their best and do their best for the club just like what we try to do every day."

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