Cub Cadet at The Bournville Village Trust

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When George Cadbury began building the Bournville village in 1893, he was concerned for the wellbeing of his workforce, and wanted to allow them access to green spaces, parks and recreation areas.

Today, The Bournville Village Trust is responsible for the upkeep of the district, and the condition of those green open spaces is as important to the wellbeing of the residents today as it was 120 years ago.

The home of Cadbury's Chocolate ( is also home to a fleet of 4 Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Tractors to keep the verges and green areas in pristine condition.

"Our yellow ride-on mowers are a common sight in Bournville, where they mow between 5 km2 and 15km2 every day of the week" said Keith Goddard, Foreman of The Bournville Village Trust (

Keith and his team are tasked with the maintenance of greenery in residential and landscaped areas in the Birmingham suburb including the Bournville Estate. They appreciate the technical support they get from their Cub Cadet Specialist Dealer, Express Mowers in Stourbridge.

Keith is full of praise for Cub Cadet's technical partner: "Stuart Whitman's dealership and workshop have looked after us for more than five years now, ensuring our mowers are fully functional by offering excellent customer service. The Z-Force alone has clocked up 210 hours in the last 3 months so we depend on their efficient workshop to minimise time-out for maintenance."

When the grass is growing, Russell Snipe and Ian Soar each spend a few hours every day on the seat of the Z-Force S48 and Allrounder


These professionals really appreciate Cub Cadet's innovative features. 'The steering wheel and zero-turn functionality of these lawn tractors make them easy to handle and manoeuvrable in tight corners.' Both are impressed with the way the Allrounder, primarily designed for home use, stands up to the constant demands they place upon it, but Russell wouldn't be without his Z-Force S. "The larger petrol tank means we don't have to fill up for a couple of hours, and even wet grass is mulched without clogging up the deck.

Good news for us, as we can't wait for good weather to mow!'
For more information on Cub Cadet visit or call 0845 270 7603.

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