Curle says Cobblers will keep training at the PTS despite pitch concerns

James Heneghan - Northampton Chroniclein Football

Northampton Town's manager Keith Curle says the Cobblers will continue to train at the PTS Academy Stadium despite concerns over the state of the pitch.

Since his appointment, Curle's preference has been to train at the stadium rather than Moulton College due to the superior facilities.

That has an an inevitable impact on the condition of the pitch, not helped by torrential rain over the last few days which put Tuesday's EFL Trophy tie against Southampton U23s in jeopardy.

The game eventually went ahead with a 15-minute delay but the pitch will again be under the microscope when Cobblers host Peterborough this weekend.

"I think it depends how much more rain we get," said Curle. "The ground staff did exceptionally well to get the game on but players will adapt to it.

"It is not an ideal situation, but work is in progress on the pitches up at Moulton now so that we can use them as and when they are needed.

"We can train on the grass here now (at the PTS) because we are still in the growing season. There is a lot of extra work for the ground staff, who I have got to say have been absolutely fantastic."

"You go and get any other groundsman in League One, League Two or the Championship who would allow you to have the usage that we have on that pitch. There aren't many groundsmen who would allow it because they wouldn't be allowed to have as many cups of tea and have as many breaks!"

"The groundstaff that we have here are working, repairing and preparing all the time and it is great credit to them, and not only for the work they do but also for their attitude towards us."

"We are not made to feel unwelcome when we are training on the football pitch, and I think they know that is because we do try and protect it as and when we can."

"But they know it is a necessity at the minute, and it is again about the all hands on deck attitude at the club, the way everybody is facing in the same direction and saying 'it needs to be done, so let's get it done'."

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