Hever Castle golf club purchase second fleet of E-ZGO RXV Golf cars

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lub, situated adjacent to the historic monument that was once the childhood home Anne Boleyn, has recently taken delivery a new fleet of 16 electric E-Z-GO RXV buggies from local dealer Ernest Doe and Sons Ltd.

Andy Goodland, Assistant Professional and Golf Shop Manager at the 27-hole complex, explained the rationale behind the purchase saying,
"These new buggies replace the former fleet of RXVs we purchased four years ago.

However, this was a competitive tender and we looked at other vehicles to ensure we got the value for the club. The RXV is a very good golf car and it won the day."

Each vehicle in the 16-car fleet was delivered with the DSG Tag management system, onboard charger, automatic battery fill system and a special paint finish - Midnight Black.

Jon Wittenberg, General Manager at the club added, "The DSG Tag is an excellent management tool, which allows us greater flexibility to control play around the courses.

We can electronically section off 'no-go' areas, which helps manage the turf and provides enhanced safety for the players and we can speed up play, if required. It also ensures that we rotate the vehicles in a timely manner to ensure optimum use.

"They can easily do two rounds on a single charge, so there's no danger of them being stranded on the course and the onboard charger and battery fill system helps to ensure that we maintain the vehicles in good order, which is key when running electric golf buggies.

"Ernest Doe have been very professional throughout the purchase process and their back up support is first class. The cars look very good, especially in black, and they deliver a very acceptable ROI return to the business."

More information on the product offering can be found at www.e-z-go.co.uk

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