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ICL's Riptide, the no1 ranked creeping bentgrass, has made an impact at Trentham Golf Club, according to Course Manager, Ed Stant.

Exclusive to ICL, Riptide is the no1 ranked creeping bentgrass variety on the STRI lists. It is ideal for seeding new areas or when used for interseeding as part of a course renovation programme. This fine-leaved, densely-shooting, creeping bentgrass establishes quickly, especially in spring, growing upright but low to the ground with high tiller shoot density and keeping its bright mid-green colour right through autumn and winter.

In fact, Riptide, has gained a wide following throughout Europe and has been adopted by several UK courses due to its adaptability in a wide range of growing conditions.

When Ed Stant, Course Manager at Trentham Golf Club in Stoke-on-Trent, was looking to incorporate a new seed for a new project, he found that Riptide was highly recommended.

"Having taken the decision to rebuild the short game green in March we sought advice from our STRI Agronomist Paul Woodham," said Ed. "Rather than turfing or seeding, we took cores from the 18 course greens during greens maintenance before deciding to overseed with ICL's creeping bent Riptide.

"We are really pleased with the result; the cores have meant the green was in play quickly and matches the course greens. Riptide has established nicely into the sward and is improving daily."

Riptide responds very well to lower nutritional inputs and less frequent watering, potentially significantly reducing costs involved in a higher maintenance programme and offering a more sustainable approach; less fertiliser, fungicide, scarification and verti-cutting.

"Over the past 3 months Riptide has filled in beautifully and is really starting to come into its own," continued Ed. "During early morning dew you can see the creeping bent beginning to outcompete the Poa dominated cores and establishing well."

Creeping bent as a species for golf greens fell out of favour with many course managers due to varieties proving difficult to manage or the results from over-seeding were just disappointing. New varieties such as Riptide have sparked new interest. The ability to establish quickly and aggressively colonise greens is creating outstanding results, bringing greens back into play quickly. The real beauty of Riptide is its lighter green colour aspect, enabling excellent integration into UK and Ireland greens.

Riptide certainly provides the opportunity to create excellent greens surface with lower inputs of fertilization and disease management. High tolerance against Michrodochium patch and Dollar spot reduces the frequency for fungicide applications.

"Good advice, good product and competitively priced - I would have no hesitation in recommending Riptide," concluded Ed.

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