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Some key visual differences between an ATT Chassis and the Imitation Chassis
MSystemTM manufacturer, Advanced Turf Technology (ATT), have recently become aware of an inferior imitation chassis purporting to be for use with their market leading product.

The TMSystemTM is a cassette based turf maintenance system for use with most mainstream triple greens mowers.

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The inferior chassis is a poor attempt to replicate an old ATT chassis and is not made with the precision engineering and attention to detail, build quality and materials of the market leading TMSystemTM chassis. Purchasers have inadvertently bought these imitations believing them to be genuine ATT chassises and have experienced problems. One such purchaser confirmed to ATT that the imitation was "a very poor product which was not fit for purpose", and from first use reported "the front adjusters kept falling apart".

Other problems identified include poor fit to TMSystemTM rollers and equipment, and front rollers shaking apart under normal use. The imitations are manufactured from poor quality materials, not predominately stainless steel as the original ATT product, and therefore rusting and corrosion of the imitation parts has also been encountered.

Luckily these imitations are easy to spot as the top bar is not black and does not bear the TMSystemTM logo. Also the adjuster top cap doesn't have the ATT logo and overall the poor standard of engineering, materials and manufacture are obvious, particularly the finish and gaps in roller construction.

These imitation products do not have the benefit of an ATT guarantee and after sales service and may be dangerous in use. Advanced Turf Technology can be contacted if anybody has concern or suspicion they may have been sold an imitation, and would suggest those persons return the product to the supplier and seek a full refund.

ATT are taking steps to stop any more imitations being manufactured and to protect their intellectual property rights, their reputation and most importantly their customers. They would also ask for any information on imitations seen so that action can be taken against the source.

ATT products are exclusively marketed in the UK and the rest of Europe by The Grass Group.

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