Linemarking that's out of this world...with no strings attached

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GPS is set to transform the world of linemarking with the launch of the Vitax Swozi system, bringing new levels of accuracy to one of the most fundamental groundcare duties

Vitax 5
Pinpoint accuracy when marking out pitches is achieved with no recourse to using strings or other traditional methods.

The specially developed linemarking machine carries an onboard computer that can be uploaded with software for marking out whichever sports are required.

A GPS receptor positioned on the pitch talks to the onboard computer via Bluetooth, which triangulates Swozi's position with help from its own GPS unit, directing the linemarking machine to the appropriate line selected.

Deviation from the marking map by even a few millimetres triggers the head to adjust to maintain an accurate line. If the machine moves too far out of correct alignment, the computer tells the linemarker to stop spraying until the operator positions the machine to the correct marking pattern.

In UK field trials, the Swozi system has been used on existing marked-out pitches to correct alignment inaccuracies, such is the precision of the process.

Council sport and amenity contractors, stadium managers, head groundsmen and estate managers are expected to find the Swozi system particularly attractive because marking out a pitch is far quicker than by traditional means, freeing up time for other tasks.

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