Little Wonder ProVac is an event in itself

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274LW Pro Vac SP Action 2014 04 1374 (ZF 2373 86414 1 001)
Clearing up litter after events, around amenity areas and sports venues can be a time- consuming and costly task. Bottles, cans, broken glass and general debris left by the public is inevitable following large gatherings, and it usually falls to councils, groundscare staff or specialist contractors to clean up.

The Little Wonder self-propelled ProVac SP litter and leaf vacuum will make a big impact on the process claiming, as it does, to be 30% faster than its nearest competitor. Superior airflow created by the powerful Honda 9hp GX270 engine creates the vacuum to fill the debris bag without loss of suction. Because it's self-propelled it will work at speed, up to 4.2mph/6.76km forwards and 1.8mph/2.0km in reverse, with far less fatigue for the operator. With the automatically adjustable nozzle height and the capacity to bag 180 litres of litter, bottles and cans it will swallow post event debris in a flash and of course take the drudgery out of collecting autumn leaves in parks and estates.

The ProVac SP is highly manoeuvrable, with its front wheel swivel to negotiate obstacles and the low 40" unit height makes for clear visibility and safer operating. With the power of a hurricane sucking up the rubbish there's a safety windshield to divert dust to ground level and for operator comfort the arched paddle handle will suit users of most heights, offering a suitable operating position.

A simple 'toe tap' dump valve allows the ProVac SP to free wheel and excellent traction is assured with heavy-duty tread on the rear tyres to stay on course over dry and wet grass, slopes, concrete and tarmac. Like all Little Wonder products ProVac SP vacuum is built solidly to last and make a worthy investment for the post event clean up.

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