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Group joint M.D. David Mears told us: "Being able to hear and see how ClearWater is installed and operated and how it looks when work is completed is an important aspect of our sales and marketing. We needed to keep our on-line video fresh and up to date, especially as we are reaching further abroad."

The company certainly seems to have achieved their aim with this new, shorter and informative video showing a number of different installations, including new ones in the US and Germany.

ClearWater, designed and developed by Andrew Vincent and David Mears of Highspeed Group Ltd and manufactured in the UK has undergone exhaustive testing meeting the necessary requirements of EN858 (equivalent to DIN 1999-100 in Germany). ClearWater is designed specifically to save valuable water, enable compliance with current anti-pollution legislation including the EU Water Framework Directive and provide efficient and effective wash off.

David Mears said: "We have a washpad recycling system that's different from most others; it's safely below ground and with unique features as the video demonstrates. Unlike most other washpad recycling systems, it is offered with three installation options to provide best value: 1) We supply a turnkey package with us doing all the installation, washpad build, etc. in fact everything from start to finish. 2) We supply the system for self-installation with comprehensive instructions and then we commission. 3) The system supplied to go alongside an upgraded existing washpad with either self-installation or turnkey package".

ClearWater has one more advantage for those in the UK with taxable profits: It is approved as a Water Saving Technology and as such businesses can write off 100% of the cost of purchase and installation against taxable profits in the year of purchase. Installing ClearWater therefore can bring significant extra financial savings and reduce your business' impact on the environment.

ClearWater has been installed in the UK, Ireland, France, USA and Germany and Highspeed Group Ltd hope to expand sales further afield with this popular unobtrusive, efficient and cost effective system; the new video should certainly help!

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