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Announcing our 2013 Conference

The Amenity Forum is holding a major conference in 2013 to be held at Leicester City Football Ground on Thursday, October 17th. It will mark the first anniversary of the special campaign launched by the Forum seeking to drive up standards and promote best practice across this diverse sector.

Keynote speakers will address the practical implications of recent policy changes and look at specific issues in weed, pest and disease control. How can we practically and economically move to a more integrated approach to control? How do we control invasive weeds? How do new rules on sprayer testing impact upon the sector? Do we really need to bother about such things as the Water Framework Directive?

In specifying amenity contracts, what are the key risks and how can they be minimised? Just a few of the questions to be addressed with time for networking and discussion and a look at how the Leicester City grounds are maintained thrown in.

All in all, an opportunity not to be missed. You can register your interest now by contacting the Forum Secretary,

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