Monsanto celebrates 40 years of reliable weed control with Roundup

Jane Carleyin Industry News

Roundup logo
Monsanto celebrates a unique milestone in 2014 - 40 years as market leader in glyphosate herbicides.

Roundup, which has set industry standards for weed control, was first introduced in 1974 and the brand has since gone from strength to strength, becoming a trusted product across all amenity sectors.

However, Roundup has continued to evolve over the past 40 years to help amenity managers meet the challenges faced when trying to control weeds while safeguarding operators, members of the public and the environment.

Improvements in the product's rainfastness and performance in challenging conditions have kept Roundup ahead of the competition.

Protection of the environment and of operators and bystanders has become increasingly important to the industry and developments which have reduced drift have been a significant step forward for Roundup.

The last 40 years has seen considerable change for the amenity industry, with ever higher standards required by grounds managers. But Roundup has remained as the most reliable industry partner, with Monsanto's leading edge research always at the forefront to help customers meet those challenges.

A strong focus on stewardship and the back-up from Monsanto's technical helpline gives local authorities the confidence that they are following best practice in herbicide application.

But in budget-conscious times it is also significant that Roundup continues to give the best value for money due to its effectiveness: the most expensive application will be an application that does not give the required control and subsequently needs further treatment.

Quite simply, Roundup gives the peace of mind that it can be relied on to do its job, just as it has done for 40 years.

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