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VGR Topchanger (9)
It is going to be a very exciting BTME for Campey Turf Care with a number of new introductions that will deliver on performance at a price that is hard to beat.

The first machine is the VGR Top Changer - and true to its name - this machine will definitely bring about change. It provides the ultimate in aeration improvement - laying the foundations for achieving excellent turf.

The Top Changer combines the actions of aeration and sanding in one efficient action. It weighs only 903kgs and has a working width of 5.2ft and produces a closely spaced row of holes which are immediately filled with sand and both liquid and solid amendments.

This allows a path for air and water to penetrate the top layer of soil and be absorbed directly into the root zone to encourage rapid growth and healthy development of the grass, and over a period of time completely change the top surface without any interference in play

The advantages are:
• Dual action reduces the number of actions required to maintain the greens.
• Play can be resumed sooner due to a smooth finish and a fast recovery period.
• Sand maintains the stability of the holes for more sustained improvement of drainage.
• The Top Changer can deliver wetting agents, nutrients, fertilisers and any other additives, both liquid and solid.

Votex VT420 compact vacuum sweeper

The second machine to make its debut at BTME is the Votex VT420 compact vacuum sweeper with an exceptionally high tipping container of 4.2 m3 capacity. Weight is still low and combined with a low center of gravity; this trailer is ideally suited to compact tractors from 45 hp
This powerful turbine is made of strong steel with a 1.7 m vacuum funnel with 30% more suction power than conventional blowers. By transferring the weight to counter undulations, the VT420 can adapt to difficult terrain. It comes equipped with several options including manual suction pipe, brush, a scarifier and a flail mower.

Votex V40 blower
Votex B40 & B60 Blowers

Two models are available - B40 and B60. The specially designed impeller creates the most powerful blower capacity on the market today. Both models have a 180degrees hydraulic operated swiveling nozzle making it versatile on roads, sports fields and golf courses. The B40 is suitable for tractors from 40hp and more.

The B60 is based on the B40 but has an enhanced power train, so that more power is converted in capacity. With the same features as the B40, the B60 does the same job in less time. The B60 is suitable for tractors from 60hp plus.

Imants Mini-Rotoknife - it may be small but it still packs a punch!

Being small doesn't necessarily mean less effective. What the new Imants Mini Rotoknife from Campeys lacks in stature it makes up for in speed and performance.

What you get is a multi-purpose linear, disc-aerator that will relieve surface compaction, improve aeration, reduce thatch build-up and remove surface water, in a single pass.

This amazing little machine packs a real punch as it moves quickly across the surface. Whether towed or mounted behind a truckster or compact tractor, it applies itself to combatting areas of general wear and tear, or areas that need help recovering from excessive use.

A disc rotor with 3 settings gives flexibility in working depth and linear spacing, allowing deep-slitting to a depth of 100mm, or shallow slitting at 50mm spacing. It is ideal on warm or cool season grasses.

The Imants Mini-Rotoknife is a versatile, effective aerating machine that may be small but can still 'cut it' with the big boys!

AIR 2G2 Air Injector works all summer without disrupting play!

Shown for the first time at BTME is the Air 2G2 - a new machine from America that has created quite an impact. The Air 2G2 air injector is proving to be an excellent form of total aeration for golf greens and other fine turf area especially during the summer months, as there is no disruption to the playing surface whatsoever.

Remember - Air is everything to anything that lives

The Air2G2 is designed to use pressured air to aerate deep into the soil. It works by injecting air at a depth of 7 to 10 inches, fracturing the ground horizontally and forcing the air upward to de-compact the soil around the root zone, creating air pores for the grass roots to develop.
Koro Universe® Rotor - perfect for renovating all turf surfaces.

The Koro by Imants Field TopMaker fitted with the new Universe® Rotor can be used on all natural and semi natural turf surfaces. Set correctly with the micro roller adjustments, this rotor will remove all undesirable weak grasses, poa annua etc from the playing surfaces. It will remove thatch on both warm and cool season turf, while retaining all the good desirable grass plants. - The perfect machine for renovating all turf surfaces.

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