New-Way Weedspray earns a first class school report

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King Edwards
Head Groundsman and Site Manager at Southampton's King Edward VI School, Kevin Wright, has had problems with moss control on their artificial playing surfaces.

The problem has been aggravated by a cool, damp summer last year and poor performance by the previous products tried as a solution. In addition, the school has had issues with hard surface moss on their tennis courts, car park and paved areas.

"Our local Headland Amenity contact, Alex Hawkes," said Kevin, "recommended we try New-Way Weedspray as a fast acting, control solution. It works to desiccate green matter even at low temperatures. I liked the idea of employing a naturally based product as my

Ground before
aim is to reduce chemical use throughout the school and I have been delighted with the results.

We first tried New-Way in January on our synthetic surfaces and were amazed to see the moss starting to die within three hours with no staining of the surface.

The majority of our affected hard areas, including car park, patio and steps were treated in March and these were virtually cleared within just one day. It has even controlled Liverwort, which we have struggled with in the past. The results have been first class and we will be ordering more!"

Unlike other moss killers for hard surfaces, New-Way Weedspray will also control weeds and grass, eliminating the need

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for a separate application. The product is not translocated within the plant and is therefore safer to use around trees, shrubs and other valuable plants.

As there are no residual effects with the product in the soil, sowing and planting may be undertaken as soon as the weeds have died.

Available in a 10 litre pack size, New-Way Weedspray, MAPP No. 15319, is a fast acting, non-selective Herbicide, active against most soft tissue it comes into contact with, such as grasses, broad-leaved weeds and moss on hard surfaces in amenity and other areas.

Areas of use include footpaths and pavements, parks, around trees shrubs and hedges and in industrial areas such as railways, industrial sites and fence lines etc.

New Way Weedspray2
The active ingredient, acetic acid (Vinegar) has been formulated from the highest food-grade product and developed with a naturally occurring protein ingredient which literally doubles the herbicidal properties of acetic acid compared to standard products and breaks down to water in the ground.

The product produces discolouration and browning of the foliage within a few hours of treatment. Perennial weeds generally require more than one application for control, but annual weeds can be controlled with one treatment. Most weeds will die within 1 to 2 days.

New-Way Weedspray can be purchased from the Pitchcare Store.