Poweroll County 2

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This newly designed roller now features 30" diameter roller drums. Without exception the Poweroll County 2 is the very best grass roller available.

This roller has been developed with assistance from leading groundsmen to ensure that it provides the professional grounds man with the very best tool for the job.

There are less expensive alternatives to a Poweroll County 2, but there are no better alternatives at any price.

The roller is fitted with a Kubota D722, 3 cylinder diesel engines as standard and produces a superior, quieter and more powerful performance.

Coupled with a higher transfer speed than any other dedicated hockey/ cricket pitch roller, it is particularly useful for large college grounds with distance to cover between pitches.

Also capable of being ballasted heavier than any other dedicated production roller on the UK market (but only, of course, if groundsman chooses to do so).

It is possible that you will never need to use the Poweroll County 2 fully ballasted, but believe it is better to have the facility available than to wish your grounds roller was heavier for the many years of service it will give to you.

A compartment alongside the driver's seat provides a useful storage facility. This roller is operated forward and reverse using a single control lever.

Fitted to this lever is a flip up gate for limiting ground speed to ensure all operators roll the wicket at the same consistent speed regardless of their previous experience.

Specifications and features of the County 2

  • 30" diameter roller drums
  • Net weight: 1,850 up to 2,950 ballasted weight
  • Fitted Kubota D722 three cylinder liquid cooled diesel engines
  • Powered using US manufactured heavy duty Eaton hydraulics
  • Speed range 0 - 10 mph in either direction
  • Ground speed limiter, for consistent low speed wicket rolling
  • High ground speed for multi- pitch facilities separated by large distances

For large grounds you cannot make a better choice than the Poweroll County 2 fitted with the Kubota 3 cylinder diesel engine.

For even larger sports grounds, consider the optional 5ft 6" rolling width model with a Kubota D905 engine, for wicket rolling in just 2 passes.

For more information visit: www.poweroll.com

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