Pro-Formance Ultra™ is the Green Choice for Top Performance

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Proformance2.jpgGolf course superintendents asked for a superior 18-3-6 fertilizer loaded with soil-friendly organics and just the right amount of chelated minerals, and Growth Products delivered. Last year the company introduced Pro-formance Ultra™, a premium foliar fertilizer designed for high performance greens. Like all of the company's products, Pro-formance Ultra™ is an environmentally friendly product. It feeds not just your turf, but your soil as well.

A complete package in a single bottle, Pro-formance Ultra™ not only provides N-P-K in an 18-3-6 analysis, but five essential micronutrients: calcium, chelated iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc. What sets Pro-formance Ultra™ apart from the crowd, however, are its multiple organic ingredients, including humic acid, L-amino acids, kelp extract, yucca extract, and hydrolyzed soy protein - all powerhouses when it comes to plant development and soil improvment.

Pro-formance Ultra's™ organic ingredients have well-recognized biostimulant properties. The natural plant hormones auxin and cytokinin, which are found in kelp, stimulate healthy turf growth, and the saponins in yucca are a natural wetting agent. The multiple benefits of Pro-formance Ultra™ include enhanced nutrient efficiency and uptake, improved soil moisture retention, increased benefical soil microbial activity, no harmful surge growth on your greens, and … of course … beautiful, playable turf.

Designed for weekly use (6 oz. per 1,000 feet for cold season turf; 8 oz. per week for warm season turf), Pro-formance Ultra™ provides ease-of-use and long-lasting adherence to leaf tissue regardless of weather conditions.

About Growth Products, Ltd.: Growth Products, Ltd., founded in 1984, has long been an industry leader in providing technologically advanced and environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers, microbial inoculants, natural organics, and chelated micronutrients. Its innovative products have been extensively tested and are used in 27 countries world-wide.

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