Retired Wimbledon Head Groundsman recommends MO Bacter

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The organic fertiliser MO Bacter has won many awards and receives high praise indeed from those in the know. Eddie Seaward MBE, retired Head Groundsman of the All England Tennis Club, Wimbledon and Past Patron of the Institute of Groundsmanship has this to say:

Eddie Seaward
"Throughout the whole of my life I have enjoyed working with nature and wanted to enhance the world in which I live, particularly in the course of my work. It is good to see attitudes changing towards organic products and methods. I have tested MO Bacter and find it really does what it says on the tin, so I have no hesitation in recommending its use on lawns throughout the country."

MO Bacter, by Viano, is an organic fertiliser used to target and eliminate moss in lawns. The fertiliser releases high levels of potassium over a twelve week period and this is ingested by the moss, causing the plant to break down, in turn to be digested by the bacteria in the fertiliser. There's no blackened area and no need for raking out dead material or scarifying. Being organic it's also not harmful to animals or children and doesn't damage border plants. Applied in spring or early summer, MO Bacter is at its most effective when the soil temperature, (not the weather temperature) is 10ºC or more.

Viano MOBact 7kg kl
"Organic fertilisers which contain soil friendly microbes can and do play a large part in revitalising the soil," adds Eddie Seaward, "and it is here that Viano makes a major contribution." It's worth noting as well that Viano fertilisers are not only organic and enhance the soil, they are also manufactured using solar energy, making an even greater contribution to their eco-friendly use.

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