Roffey Brothers introduce a new cricket loam- Super Essex

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Roffey Brothers are pleased to announce they are introducing a new cricket loam to their range, Super Essex, this loam, from sustainable sources will be available from July this year.

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Independent testing has been carried out by Dr Russell Young MBE JP of Soil Science Wales and current results appear on the Roffey Brothers' website (under Technical Information) and are readily available from Roffey Brothers' Office, they show the following points:

1. Excellent binding strength with good shrinkage characteristics

2. Good clay content combined with low silt fines

3. Low magnesium levels to give good sward growth

4. When mixed with existing high quality loams the soil strength is enhanced

5. Suitable for all levels of Cricket wicket

The range of cricket loams now available from Roffey Brothers includes Kalionitic loam, Super Essex Loam, Surrey Loam, Mendip Loam and Growloam.

All Roffey Brothers cricket loams are manufactured in their ISO 9001 factory.

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