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This summer the eyes of football fans will be firmly focused on Europe's finest footballers and its toughest turf. They will be shouting for their teams and DLF turf because 8 out of 10 stadiums involved in the tournament in France have chosen DLF seed varieties. It is a massive roar of professional approval for our sports grasses.

The natural choice for professionals DLF turf varieties are hugely popular with groundsmen and pitch managers across Europe - and especially in France where, this summer, they expect nothing less than world-class performance.


The same seed varieties that French groundsmen have chosen for their finest summer of sport are at the heart of DLF's top-selling brands, TopGreen, Johnsons sports seed, Masterline and Masterline UK.


These tough mixtures are the result of continuous development and exhaustive testing. They combine the fineness of leaf, shoot density, and wear-tolerance of our diploid perennial ryegrasses with the persistence and stress- and disease-tolerance of the unique 4Turf© tetraploid species.


Over the past 30 years, DLF researchers have improved the wear-tolerance of sports turf by an average of 1% every year. The top-performing turf grasses can now annual support up to 450 hours of intensive play. You get more sport from your pitch without having to put in any extra work.

The choice for every major tournament


DLF really is the turf of champions. In recent years, great international games have been fought on pitches grown from DLF seed. They were the chosen seed supplier for the two most recent global footballing championships, and are now the preferred supplier for Europe's big summer of football.

DLF seed is available from the Pitchcare Shop

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