Trailblazer apprenticeship reform programme

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Cold Ashby, Bearwood Lakes, Worplesdon, Basildon, Stock Brook, The Grove, Ealing, Luton Hoo and Royal Liverpool Golf clubs are just few of many employers delighted to be supporting the Governments Trailblazer apprenticeship reform programme.

Small, medium and large golf club employers, including Macdonald Hotels, will lead on producing an apprenticeship Standard for Golf Greenkeeping through the Greenkeepers training committee (GTC).

The GTC is an employer led organisation and through England Golf, it represents 1,900 affilated golf clubs.

Golf clubs have benefitted from the Golf Greenkeeping apprenticeship scheme over many years.

The British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) is also represented on the GTC and has over 5000 greenkeeping members.

Mr David Croxton, Proprietor of Cold Ashby Golf Club, Northampton and board memeber of England Golf, will chair the GTC's apprenticeship reform group and a new standard for Golf Greenkeeping will be developed during the coming months.

David believes the apprenticeship reform will allow the golf sector to develop a quality standard including a high level assesment approach to meet the requirements of the golf club employers and develop skilled and knowledgeable apprentices for whom the world could become their oyster.

David Golding, GTC's Education Director adds "The game of golf continues to grow globally and will become an Olympic Sport in 2016, therefore it is important that the golf courses are maintained and managed by highly skilled professionals and the new apprenticeship will provide for this need".

Building on the current apprenticeship for golf greenkeeping, the GTC intends to ensure that the new standard will produce the next generation of golf course managers.

Paul Keeling, Club Servcies Manager, England Golf said "Sustainability of the golf club business is dependent on the presentation of a well - managed golf course to our 2 million regular participants.

Skilled and knowledeable apprentices are the key to maintaining high standard facilities; therefore England Golf see our involvement in the Trailblazer apprenticeship initiative being a key focus to the business continuity of our 1,900 affiliate clubs.

Chris Sealey, Chairman of BIGGA said "Golf Course Management has evolved to meet the modern game, it is a hugely important part of the business of golf so we are aligned to business needs".

Matthew Hancock, Skills and Enterprise Minister said: National Apprenticeship week is designed to celebrate Apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

We want to see apprenticeships become the new norm for all ambitious young people, and employers who are dedicated the growing their own talent and increasing the skills base of the nation.

"I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this trailblazer for their commitment to Apprenticeships and Traineeships"

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