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Having started off using Primo Maxx grass growth regulator solely on his greens, Kevin Day, course manager at Hersham Golf Club in Surrey, is now also using the product on the fairways, tees and greens' approaches of the 18-hole parkland course.

Kevin's all-round confidence in Primo Maxx was cemented following his experiences in 2011, when he purchased Everris's Ultimate Primo Offer for fairways, comprising four x 10 litre packs of Primo Maxx and 36 x 15kg bags of Sportsmaster WSF High N 35-0-14+0.13Fe water soluble fertilizer.

The special-price seasonal promotion included a set of Syngenta turf foliar sprayer nozzles.

Kevin explained that there were a number of reasons for selecting it. "The course has no fairway irrigation and the turf has suffered badly in previous hot, dry summers, losing colour and vigour which have impacted on its overall condition and appearance".

"Including myself, the course is looked after by just four full-time greens staff. We do not have a big maintenance budget so I wanted to find a sustainable approach to maintaining the condition of the fairways over the summer while reducing also the frequency of cuts. Our Everris Technical Area Sales Manager, Michael Fance, recommended the Primo Maxx growth regulator and Sportsmaster WSF High N fertilizer combination, available within the company's fairway offer. I am very pleased I decided to give it a go."

Applied at the recommended rate within a tank mix at the end of April, the two products began showing noticeable results within a couple of weeks as soil temperatures rose. "The liquid application promoted enhanced leaf and root uptake of Sportsmaster's nutrients, boosting plant growth and colour within a very short period," Kevin recalled.

004"At the same time, Primo Maxx was doing its job, reducing top growth and boosting sward density and root mass. The effect was a sustained improvement in turf colour, strength and appearance which lasted right through the summer, assisted by two further tank mix applications at six to eight week intervals."

Kevin pointed out that the growth-regulating abilities of Primo Maxx had reduced fairway mowing frequencies by one third, producing time savings of between six and eight hours a week.

"Not only does this free-up a man for a day a week; it reduces fuel usage and machinery wear and tear too," he adds.

Kevin has also introduced standalone Primo Maxx treatments to the tees and greens approaches, reaping similar beneficial results to those achieved on the greens and the fairways.

"Together, the Sportsmaster WSF High N and Primo Maxx applications have produced the required results on the fairways, while Primo Maxx on its own is doing a first-class job on all other close-cut grass."

"The evidence can be seen in the overall improvements in course condition through the year, improvements that have been achieved sustainably and with accompanying valuable savings in time, fuel and labour."


Primo Maxx can also be purchased from Pitchcare

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