Wessex and SnowEx on display at Windsor

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On show at Windsor were selected Wessex ProLine mowers and SnowEx winter salt, grit and brine spreaders.

The Wessex ProLine RMX-560 and RMX-680 roller mowers have proved to be highly popular with councils, contractors and sports complexes and the latest models are now available.

Wide area mowing offers cost-efficiency and the triple deck mower leaves a finish equal to a cylinder mower on fine turf, at a fraction of the cost.

New this year is the Wessex FRX professional outfront flail mower which builds on the performance and popularity of the previous model.

Considered one of the best for cutting long grass on roadside verges as well as leaving a premium finish on sports turf, this is the ideal all-rounder for councils and contractors.

For mounted mowers the Wessex ProLine RMX 240 and RMX 360 are widely used for quick and effective mowing in public parks, playing fields and areas of amenity grass.

Planning ahead for winter maintenance pays dividends and it's worth looking at the wide range of the SnowEx spreaders available, from the 2300 litre capacity V-Maxx SP-9300 to walk-behind pedestrian models.

The versatility of SnowEx spreaders is demonstrated with a trailer mounted SP-8500 and the SP-6000 for rigging on a pick-up.

The Bulk-Pro and Mini-Pro utility spreaders are ideal for councils, contractors, farmers and estates with the facility to mount them on commercial vehicles, 4x4's, UTV's, ATV's, tractors and fork- lifts.

The use of brine solutions for winter maintenance is an increasingly popular practice and the SnowEx VSS liquid de-icers are leading the way.

To complete the picture there are several professional pedestrian drop spreaders and brine sprayers available for taking care of walkways, footpaths and shopping precincts. Call Broadwood International on 01420 478111, Email - sales@broadwoodintl.co.uk or visit - http://www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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