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Magazine - Articles by Duncan McGilvray

dunc1.jpg How to get what you want ....
19 Jul 2009 - Golf - Duncan McGilvray - Issue 25 - June / July 2009
How to get what you want without it costing the earth. Duncan McGilvray says that upgrading your automatic irrigation system should be a step-by-step approach to ensure the end product is exactly what you want, and at a cost suitable to your budget.

DuncanMcGilvray.jpg Warranties and Guarantees
26 May 2009 - Best of the Rest - Duncan McGilvray - Issue 24 - April / May 2009
Warranties and Guarantees - Are they worth the paper they are printed on?
Two fingers to the downturn
29 Apr 2009 - Training & Education - Duncan McGilvray - 1 comment
The following article is adapted from Duncan McGilvray's motivational seminar of the same name held during Harrogate Week 2009. It focuses on the present, very negatively perceived financial situation which, if accepted, is self defeating and does no-one any good!

Duncan.jpg Water - our most precious commodity
31 Jan 2009 - Best of the Rest - Duncan McGilvray - Issue 22 - December / January 2008 / 2009
A recent survey within our industry revealed the following statistics when asked the question "Where do you get your irrigation water from?"

Duncan [cropped] [cropped] [cropped] A Difficult Time for us all ...
16 Sep 2008 - Golf - Duncan McGilvray
The present financial situation in our sector has changed for the worse, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So, rather than allow it to engulf us, we can become much more savvy and work through it by doing a few simple things - the most important one being to stay positive.

 [cropped] What irrigation system?
15 Jun 2008 - Golf - Duncan McGilvray - Issue 18 - April / May 2008
So, what irrigation system is right for you? In this fourth article in a series of six, Duncan McGilvray of EnviroPro H2O, looks at the systems currently available from the simplest forms right up to computerised systems

Irrigation-TyrrellsWood.jpg Self sufficiency in water...
23 Mar 2008 - Golf - Duncan McGilvray
The third article in Duncan McGilvray’s series on irrigation looks at being self sufficient with your water supply and what is available to you.

DuncanMcGilvray.jpg Financing irrigation systems
7 Feb 2008 - Golf - Duncan McGilvray - Issue 16 - December / January 2007 / 2008
The second in a series of articles by Duncan McGilvray, Managing Director of Enviropro H2O Ltd, concentrates on financing the enormous cost of what is, potentially, a very large project. He also covers after project system care and, controversially, questions some of the long held beliefs which many hold as necessary to ensure system performance.

dm-rrigationToro5-copy.jpg Automatic watering systems Do we need them?
29 Nov 2007 - Golf - Duncan McGilvray - 1 comment
... and if we do, how should we use them?