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Binder Loams puts the record straight

UntitledAs Manager of Binder Loams I would like to put the record straight regarding the incorrect information that has been quoted by our competitors hoping to score off our unfortunate circumstances. It's been reported that Monro Horticulture Ltd was placed in Receivership, this is incorrect, it is in Administration. As a result Binder Loams, a division of Monro Horticulture continued to trade throughout the Administration and has since been purchased as a going concern and is now trading as BINDER LOAMS LIMITED.

Despite the administration of Monro Horticulture Ltd and the demise of Monro Sport as a marketing name, Binders continued to trade through this difficult period, there was no break in service at Binders, all orders were fulfilled, all the staff retained and everything continued as normal.

Ongar Loam™, Ongar Loam™ plus, Binders Cricket Pitch Dressing, Super Surrey and now Kaloam 2011 are being produced and are available at any time from Binders. Please call us on 01277 890246 and speak to Sandra or Carole as usual with your orders and if you have any particular problems or queries I will be happy to help you, just ask for Philip Furner.

You will note that we have included Kaloam 2011 within our product range as the Monro Enstone depot that did produce Kaloam last year is no longer operational. We have sourced material, had it analysed for its suitability and ability to be successfully used on existing Kaloam pitches and will be produced to the saBinderLoamsLogome exacting standard as you have come to expect from Binders.

I know there are plenty of people bemoaning the long dry period that we are experiencing this year but this has been a bonus to us, we are further ahead with our production than we have ever been and have ample stocks to fulfil our orders this season.

I do assure you that BINDER LOAMS LIMITED, the new trading company is healthy, and ready to fulfil all the requirements for the coming season.

Phil Furner

Binder Loams Ltd
Moreton, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0HY
Tel: 01277 890246
Fax: 01277 890105
Website: www.binderloams.co.uk
Email: sales@binderloams.co.uk

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There are 4 comments on this article
1 Jun 2011
250512 (5)

Well said Phil.
1 Jun 2011

Phil - thanks for coming out with this statement.

I must say however, that something just doesn't seem to add up with this whole debacle...

We now seem to have on both Kaloam (from GSB), and Kaloam '2011' from Binders - I just ask this simple question - what on earth is going on? I have read this statement today, and several from GSB regarding the supply of Kaloam, and i'm now more confused than ever - I won't be alone in feeling this.

I'm not knocking you here Phil, or Binders, or any other supplier for that matter, but looking at it from a purely customer point of view, who are we to trust, given that there is so much confusion and contradiction out there?

I still don't feel that the issue of last years problems have been addressed properly either - I personally haven't seen any explanation, or more importantly, support for those who were so badly affected - that isn't to say that there hasn't been any information, but I certainly haven't seen it. Having also phoned Monro (Binders, or whoever it was) at the time, I found myself quite annoyed that I was 'fobbed off' - things may be different now, but there is a bitter taste...

There are still lots of unanswered questions and ill feeling around this whole scenario, and as each day goes by, the waters seem to become even murkier.

andy dixon
2 Jun 2011
No Avatar

A bit strange that i had so many problems getting answers, or even replies to when i was desperate.
You answered no e-mails, only one phone call out of many, and that was only to deny responsibility.
I took the easy route Phil, and left my position after many hours repairing the problems caused by your gravel (sorry, Kaloam!).
All orders were certainly not fulfilled and i saw this season in with in a tonne of useless gravel that i had asked to be replaced several times (with no response) still sat outside with no replacement.
I can promise that in the rest of my career i will NEVER have anything to do with your company or it's products again, and will strongly recommend the same to anyone else who asks.

Barry Pace
2 Jun 2011
urbangraphic gold024

Oi Oi! Geezers

Oooo thats a bit harsh gents isn't it...... when as far as I knew Binders or it's staff had nothing to do with the Kaloam debacle other than being owned by the same parent company as Kaloam.
I had no problems talking to Binders during the difficult times, tell me different of course.....

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This article was written

by in Cricket on 1 Jun 2011

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