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Magazine - Conservation & Ecology

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Irrigation Main Sustainability - Documenting your progress
1 day ago - Conservation & Ecology - Dr. Micah Woods - Issue 68 - August / September 2016
Wendy Gelernter, Ph.D, Larry Stowell, Ph.D and Micah Woods Ph.D suggest that simple monitoring approaches can help you provide measurable, science based data on sustainability

SeanSparling False knowledge is far more dangerous than ignorance
4 days ago - Conservation & Ecology - Sean Sparling
I don’t wish to sound alarmist, but there is a sector of society who, by a combination of cynical ignorance and calculated arrogance, potentially threaten our ability to continue to produce food

Hedgerows AncientHedge Hedgerows and the law
6 days ago - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 68 - August / September 2016
Hedgerows are one of the outstanding features of Britain’s landscape. Peter Britton looks at their history and the laws that protect them

RoyalParks The Royal Parks to build one of UK's most innovative super nurseries
1 week ago - Conservation & Ecology - Sharon Donovan
Plans to build one of the UK’s most innovative greenhouses in Hyde Park were unveiled this week
Bayer SFABL Best practice solutions showcased by Bayer at The Amenity Forum
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Sophie Wilesmith
Sustainable best practice is the focus for the Bayer Turf and Amenity Solutions Team at The Amenity Forum, who will be on hand to discuss integrated pest and disease management and the range of total and selective herbicides available
Lelant Seal Stuck seal pup saved after being found at the West Cornwall Golf Club near St Ives
3 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - External source
Last Sunday morning, one of the greenkeepers at West Cornwall Golf Club in Lelant discovered that the pup had somehow found its way onto the golf course
Japanese Knotweed Japanese knotweed on the agenda at Amenity Forum
3 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Jane Shepherd
Insight into the major issues relating to Japanese knotweed and other invasive weeds are being presented at the 2016 Amenity Forum conference, by the head of a national trade body specialising in its control and eradication
JohnMoverley Effective weed control impacts upon every UK citizen
4 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Alan Spedding
Effective weed control is vital for a safe and healthy environment and for maintaining amenity areas fit for purpose and use says John Moverley

EuropeanFox Sleeping European or Red Fox - Victims or vermin?
21 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 68 - August / September 2016
What is it about the fox that splits opinion? Are they cute or cunning; deceitful or adorable; victim or vermin? Peter Britton delves into the lifestyle of the European or Red Fox to discover more about ‘Sly Old Reynardine’

poa Tillers launch Poa/Bent Greens Turf and Heather Turf
20 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Rachel Fairfield
Tillers Turf have launched two new products to their ever expanding turf portfolio
Sutton Coldfield GC   spot the system! ClearWater in the Park!
16 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - David Mears
Highspeed Group is proud to have been awarded the contract to supply and install a ClearWater washpad water recycling system to a golf club wishing to install a new wash facility located within a Scheduled Ancient Monument site
HenHarrier State of Nature 2016 – summary of the report
15 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Dr Mark Eaton
Dr Mark Eaton, Principal Conservation Scientist, RSPB Centre for Conservation Science and co-author of the State of Nature 2016 report

Moth Wooly Bear caterpillar Moths - The forgotten insect?
12 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Steve Thompson - Issue 68 - August / September 2016
When you’re looking around the golf course or sports ground for local wildlife, it’s easy to spot the obvious or common species, such as birds; maybe a blackbird singing on a nearby tree, a woodpigeon flying over; butterflies in the summer months, such as Peacock or Red Admiral or, if you have water nearby, you might see a dragonfly.

Butterflies Butterflies among wildlife feeling effect of insecticides
6 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - External source
Butterflies have joined the ranks of honeybees, bumblebees, moths and other insects that may be feeling the effects of the controversial neonicitinoid insecticides
Chelsea Stamford Bridge plans could be stalled by fears for local bats
3 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Kim Megson
Chelsea FC’s plans to build one of the largest stadiums in England have hit a stumbling block – the local population of endangered bats!

Make it clear to people what's happening! Local Authorities - Has the paradigm shifted?
2 Sep 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Bernard Sheridan - Issue 68 - August / September 2016
In his previous article, green space specialist, Bernard Sheridan, called for local authorities and land owners to seriously consider having ‘no-mow’ targets similar to recycling targets. In what looks like a great example of convergent thinking, he cites two borough councils at both ends of England that have done just that, and with stunning results

RiverStour.jpg New breakthrough helps trace river pollution
31 Aug 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Tom Marshall
Scientists are developing a new way to track the origins of phosphorus pollution in our rivers and understand how it behaves once it gets there
STRIResearch2016 Book now for STRI Research 2016
29 Aug 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Helen Waite
STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute) is inviting turfcare professionals to join them at their Yorkshire research centre on 21st and 22nd September for Research 2106
JapaneseKnotweed2 Misinformation is as big risk as knotweed itself says plant expert
25 Aug 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - James Hennigan
Senior figures from the Japanese knotweed remediation industry have called for greater transparency as the UK enters "epidemic" risk levels

Mink Wiki American Mink - Tales of the riverbank
22 Aug 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 67 - June / July 2016
Non-native, invasive and capable of devastating the local fauna, the American mink has been blamed for decimating the UK water vole population. Regarded as the number one enemy on all waterways, it is believed that the only way to save ‘Ratty’ and many other indigenous species is to wipe out this aggressive and indiscriminate predator

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Showing 1 to 20 of 263 articles