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Magazine - Conservation & Ecology

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SwarmAboutToLand Why do honey bees swarm?
5 days ago - Conservation & Ecology - Editor
The sight of thousands of swarming bees heading in your direction, clumped on your car, a window or on top of a post box, can certainly be unnerving

INNSA Conference data tag Invasive species conference tackles property concerns head on
1 week ago - Conservation & Ecology - Lorna Kellett
The third annual INNSA Conference has taken place with a full agenda on the biodiversity, property and legal issues surrounding invasive species
Ipswich school hedgehog data tag Hedgehog highways and houses built by groundsmen at Ipswich School for Suffolk Wildlife Trust campaign
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Emily Townsend
School groundsmen are doing their bit to help Ipswich become the most hedgehog-friendly town in Britain.
Ghent University data tag Researchers at Ghent University have developed a process that turns grass into biofuel.
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - External source
In the quest of more sustainable fuel types, scientists at Ghent University have developed a way to turn grass into biofuel. Will we soon drive on 'grassoline'?

Hedgehog Main Hedgehogs - A prickly situation!
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 71 - February / March 2017
Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is in decline, with one third of the UK’s hedgehog population disappearing in the past ten years. Human activity is to blame, but there are plenty of ways you can help to reverse this trend

SunsetCrows Corvidae - Stone the crows!
3 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 70 - December / January 2016 / 2017
Peter Britton looks at the eight species that make up the UK's ‘corvids’, from the shy Jay to gregarious Rooks, to the Ravens in the Tower of London
1.large blue   somerset martin warren   small Collector convicted for illegally catching and killing the UK's rarest butterfly
25 Mar 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Butterfly Conservation
Butterfly Conservation has welcomed the prosecution of a collector found guilty of illegally catching and killing the UK’s rarest butterfly
sweet chestnut blight Sweet Chestnuts under threat?
18 Mar 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - External source
Be on the lookout: Serious disease of sweet chestnut trees hits Devon

Certhia draining ditch at golf course trees autumn Trees and grass - Do they naturally co-habit well?
8 Mar 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Guy Watson - Issue 71 - February / March 2017
Spring is nearly with us and, whilst some of you may not really have stopped cutting grass, for others you will be starting to think about the season ahead. Guy Watson explains why it can be an issue for trees to co-habit with grass.

Matt Whittock Belfry Growing wild at The Belfry
2 Mar 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Richard Owens - Issue 71 - February / March 2017
Richard Owens, Golf & Technical Manager at Tillers Turf, visits The Belfry to find out about new ‘first class’ accommodation recently installed at the site
Henley GC data tag 1 Henley GC splashes some colour into the course
17 Feb 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Christopher Bassett
By using a range of Limagrain Colour Splash flower mixtures, Jim Griffith - a 68 year old retired teacher, has injected some stunning colour into the course at Henley Golf & Country Club in Arden, Warwickshire.

nairn dunbar golf club Nairn Dunbar Golf Links - Rough Treatment
15 Feb 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Richard Johnstone
Richard Johnstone, who was appointed Course Manager at the Nairn Dunbar Golf Links in early 2016, has introduced a rough management programme and has set his sights on restoring the links roughs to their natural condition

Operation data tag 1 Award for Operation Pollinator champion
13 Feb 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Mark Sanderson
John O’Gaunt Golf Club greenkeeper, Steve Thompson, has picked up the prestigious Syngenta Operation Pollinator Award, for the golf club’s consistently outstanding ecological habitat creation and management.

Certhia Right tree in the right place   a group of Liquidambar at RHS Wisley To tree or not to tree? Simple rules to successful planting
20 Jan 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Guy Watson - Issue 70 - December / January 2016 / 2017
Guy Watson, from Certhia Consulting Limited, explains why this is the ideal time to be considering new tree planting. Whilst this may be a straight-forward operation, there are some simple rules that will ensure success for the future

Wildflowers Major project launched to see how beneficial golf is to the environment
19 Jan 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Tania Longmire
BIGGA, the CMAE, England Golf, Imperial College London and Environmental Solutions International have announced they are working together on a national project to survey the golf sector’s benefits to the environment
Bumblebee on a flower More Evidence Neonics Inhibit Social Behaviour
18 Jan 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - External source
Exposure to neonicotinoid (neonic) insecticides leads to a decrease in pollination frequency and fewer social interactions in bumblebees, according to research published by scientists from Harvard University and University of California
WaterVole Wiki3 Water Voles - Helping out Ratty
10 Jan 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 69 - October / November 2016
Let’s be honest, not many people like rats so, when Winston Graham wrongly cast the unassuming Water Vole as ‘Ratty’ in Wind in the Willows, the little critter was often seen as a pest. Nowadays though, much more is known about its lifestyle

Askernish View Askernish Golf Club - the origin of species!
4 Jan 2017 - Conservation & Ecology - John Handley - Issue 69 - October / November 2016
Maxwell Amenity’s Technical Manager, John Handley, heads to one of the remotest courses in Scotland for a spot of species analysis. Here he met up with Head Greenkeeper Allan McDonald, Muirfield’s Course Manager, Gordon Irvine and Paul Mills, Head Greenkeeper at Drayton Park Golf Course

butterfly Butterflies and bees struggling after a decade of unsettled summers
29 Dec 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - External source
Butterfly and bee numbers are plummeting because Britain has not had a good summer since 2006, the National Trust has said following its annual review of its estates

BarnOwl Pixabay Under the cover of darkness...
14 Dec 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Steve Thompson
John O’Gaunt greenkeeper and ecologist, Steve Thompson, says that, whilst you are tucked up in bed, there is more activity going on under the cover of darkness than you might imagine

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Showing 1 to 20 of 286 articles