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Magazine - Conservation & Ecology

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Highfield&Brookham Profihopper Highfield & Brookham Schools - Hunter gatherer!
1 week ago - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 67 - June / July 2016
Jason Hunter, Head Groundsman at Highfield and Brookham Schools explains why he made the decision to take on a challenging new role and how the two schools are now benefitting from his experience

DecemberFloods CCC Report: Climate change poses threats to the UK’s natural environment
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - External source
A major climate report has shown that more needs to be done to tackle climate change and protect the natural environment in Britain, which is already feeling the effects of climate change

GreenWoodpecker Birds and birdsong - ‘Ring’ the changes!
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Steve Thompson - Issue 67 - June / July 2016
John O’Gaunt greenkeeper and ecologist, Steve Thompson, suggests that a world without birdsong would be a duller place. In this article, he offers a few ideas to help you make a difference

BlythSpartans Blyth Spartans splash out on new water storage
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - External source
The Evo Stik Northern Premier League side has just completed phase two of its water harvesting scheme at their Croft Park ground
CumbriaFloods CLA welcomes flood paper but cautions more detail needed
2 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - External source
The CLA (Country Land and Business Association Ltd) in the North has welcomed a new government plan to reduce flooding in Cumbria but cautioned more detail is needed, specifically around how measures will be funded
KingsleyReserve Natural England is set to double its number of apprentices
3 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Natural England
Increased apprenticeship opportunities set to inspire more people to take up a career in the environmental sector
ArtificialGrass Growth in artificial grass poses threat to British wildlife, conservationists warn
3 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - External source
Growing trend to lay fake instead of real grass causes loss of habitat for wildlife and creates waste that will never biodegrade
Amenity Forum Logo Amenity Forum July newsletter available now
3 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Editor
The latest issue of the Amenity Forum's newsletter is available for download now
Bombus ruderartus mr Be rewarded for pollinator action
3 weeks ago - Conservation & Ecology - Mark Sanderson
The Operation Pollinator Awards 2016 are now open for entries. The competition seeks to reward golf clubs that have created ecological features that are managed to attract our essential pollinating insects and other wildlife
IMG 0198 (003) Branching out with Countryside Training
1 Jul 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Alice Northrop

STRI Bracken Don’t go bracken my heart!
10 Jun 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Bob Taylor - Issue 66 - April / May 2016
In this article, the STRI’s Bob Taylor touches on how ecological processes have shaped the landscape and how they need to be understood to allow informed decisions regarding management

Mulberry Trees Mulberries in the spotlight
7 Jun 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Editor
Some of London’s oldest trees will be coming under the spotlight thanks to a new campaign supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

DraxGC Sunrise On the right track at Drax
2 Jun 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Ben Morgan - Issue 66 - April / May 2016
Drax Golf Club is set in attractive woodland just south of the town of Selby in Yorkshire. As its backdrop, it has the largest, yet cleanest coal powered power station in the UK. Assistant Greenkeeper, Ben Morgan, discusses their plans for the course in the coming months and years

CanadaGeese Goslings Canada Geese - Britain’s most hated bird?
26 May 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 66 - April / May 2016 - 1 comment
Now considered a pest in the UK, Canada Geese may be culled with the appropriate licence. But just what does this bird get up to that so annoys humans and how can they be controlled?

10749 923545 Nine architects shortlisted in race to design eco-stadium for Forest Green Rovers FC
22 May 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Kim Megson
English football club Forest Green Rovers has revealed nine stadium designs in the running to provide the blueprint for its new home ground.

Giant Hogweed treatment small Invasive Plants - Weathering the threat!
22 May 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - David Layland - Issue 66 - April / May 2016
This winter’s mild, but very wet conditions may well have promoted an early growing season for Japanese Knotweed but, in reality, this invasive, non-native plant species proves continually resilient, whatever the climatic conditions

Nettles Ladybird Nettles and other weeds - Not as bad as you think!
19 May 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Steve Thompson - Issue 66 - April / May 2016
Steve Thompson, looks at the benefits that nettles and other ‘weeds’ bring to the golf course. In this article, he explains how some of the more ‘nuisance’ species can, in fact, be of huge benefit to all manner of wildlife, both large and small

NairnDunbar 1stFairway Web Nairn Dunbar Golf Club - ‘Junior’ gets his chance!
15 May 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Peter Britton - Issue 66 - April / May 2016
Arriving at Nairn Dunbar straight from school, the club’s new Course Manager, Richard Johnstone, has now amassed fifteen years service; a mere drop in the ocean compared to some of his colleagues.

Black Widow spider, Female Could spider venom be the holy grail of natural pesticides?
14 May 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - External source
Pesticides are a critical part of the turfcare industry. We need to control the insects that are threatening our grasses and other plants, but we don’t want to kill off the “good” bugs along with the “bad
Ash tree Ash tree set for extinction in Europe
3 May 2016 - Conservation & Ecology - Claire Marshall - Issue 66 - April / May 2016
The ash tree is likely to be wiped out in Europe, according to a review of the evidence. The trees are being killed off by the fungal disease ash-dieback along with an invasive beetle called the emerald ash borer.

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Showing 1 to 20 of 232 articles