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HWD by lake Hemlock Water Dropwort - Dead Man’s Finger!
26 May 2014 - Pests & Diseases - Manda Sansom - Issue 54 - April / May 2014
Hemlock Water Dropwort is one of the lesser known weeds, but knowing how to identify and control it may be a life saver this spring. Monsanto’s Manda Sansom looks at this perennial aquatic weed

TreeSurveys 3 Hazard tree recognition
10 Apr 2014 - Conservation & Ecology - Paul Forrest - Issue 53 - February / March 2014
Hazard tree recognition and the implementation of a basic tree survey and inspection report. The aptly named Paul Forrest explains more

Mower Testing The Reel Deal
18 Jul 2008 - Machinery & Mechanics - Laurence Gale MSc - Issue 19 - June / July 2008 - 3 comments
Fine turf mowers are put through their paces at Donnington Wood Bowling Club in Telford, Shropshire. Today’s Greenkeepers and Groundsmen have a wide selection of fine turf cylinder mowers to choose from.

DSCN4396_website.jpg [cropped] UEFA Cup Final
19 May 2008 - Football - Lee Jackson
Since the start of the season the UEFA Cup Final has been in the back of our minds moving closer to the front as each league game passed.

PCS-golf-1.jpg Improving Bunkers – Renovation, Restoration or Redesign?
13 Nov 2007 - Golf - Philip Christian Spogard
It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul – could it justly be said that the bunkers are the windows to the soul of the golf course?

rhuddlanPicture-090.jpg Communication -Working with Committees and Members
19 Jul 2007 - Golf - Paul Lowe - Issue 13 - June / July 2007 - 2 comments
In today’s climate, productive, well-channelled communication in any industry is very important, none more so than in greenkeeping

Wolvesnewscarifier.jpg Cutting the cloth to fit
7 Aug 2006 - Football - Dave Saltman - Issue 7 - June / July 2006 - 8 comments
For all grass sports the end of season renovation work is of paramount importance in preparing the surface for the rigours of the following seasons play.At Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, the preparations start early in March. Discussions take place on how the pitches have performed and what works will be undertaken

jerry-knox-water..jpg Water resources for sports turf: passing the Environmental MOT
8 Jul 2006 - Training & Education - Dr Jerry Knox - Issue 7 - June / July 2006
Changes in the way the Environment Agency assess time-limited licenses will impact on all sports facilities dependant on direct abstraction for irrigation.

Nematodes – A new problem?
generalnematode.jpg First published 10 Apr 2006 - Consultancy - Dr Kate Entwistle
Nematodes are an abundant and extremely diverse group of microscopic unsegmented roundworms that can be found virtually everywhere across the planet.

ludlow-racecourse-025.jpg The Oldest Track in Town
21 Oct 2005 - Equestrian - Laurence Gale MSc
Ludlow racecourse is one of the UK's oldest racetracks. Tradition has it that in the fourteenth century soldiers from Ludlow Castle came to the site not only to practice archery but also to match their horses. Historic records show that the course was in existence as far back as 1729. More Inside

thatch-in-turf.jpg Controlling Thatch
10 Mar 2005 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc - 1 comment
Keeping things in moderation is the key to success in most aspects of life – thatch is no different. More Inside.

top-soil-main-pic.jpg All About topsoil
5 Jan 2005 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc
Topsoil is an important, fundamental resource. Without it the human race could not exist. We rely on topsoil to provide a growing medium for all our food and environmental resources. Living matter - plants, trees and grass cannot sustain or survive without it. More Inside.

Will artificial pitches become footballs latest substitution?
3 Dec 2004 - Football - Colin Ashman - 4 comments
The on going debate about the possible replacement of natural grass surfaces with artificial surfaces for football has given rise to many opinions on the subject. Full details inside

line-markers-old-pic.jpg The Art of Linemarking
26 Nov 2004 - Industry News - Laurence Gale MSc
Everything you need to know about linemarking...and more.

pd-dandion-ch-1.jpg Pests and Diseases
6 May 2004 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc - 3 comments
This month's special feature article will look at the different types of pests and diseases that affect both natural and artificial surfaces and how they can be controlled through various practices.

advert_groundsman.png Why Aeration?
26 Feb 2004 - Consultancy - Laurence Gale MSc - 5 comments
Regular and seasonal aeration maintenance operations are essential to ensure turfgrass quality is maintained throughout the playing seasons of most fine natural turf and field turf facilities. Read inside

consult1.jpg First published 1 May 2001 - Consultancy - JW Hacker and MK Harbridge
Recent legislation and increased demand for better sports stadia have led to increased problems in growing a healthy, hard wearing grass playing surface. This paper highlights environmental factors essential for grass growth. It also highlights the need for careful stadia design and discusses some of the ways in which these problems are being addressed by maintenance programmes and newer construction systems.
patrick2.jpg First published 1 Mar 2001 - Football - Steve Patrick
As the head Groundsman of Blackburn Rovers it is my responsibility to plan out the end of season renovation programme. I have to liase with the club and the team manager to agree times and budgets for the work I have planned.