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Message Board - Artificial Turf: Rough costs of Astro Pitch

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richard colwill
Posted 14 Sep 2010
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Does anybody have any idea of how much it would be to construct some form of astro-pitch? Im sure that prices vary massivly dependent on existing ground conditions and the type of surface laid but I need to pretty quickly get a "ballpark" figure.

We have a tennis club who wish to move to our school and use our courts. We are proposing that in replacement for exclusive rent free use of the courts they construct us an astro pitch, but I have no idea if this is a viable proposal.

I am sure there must be soem rough m2 figures that could be applied?



David Rhodes
Posted 14 Sep 2010
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Posts: 8

Hi Richard.

I am a synthetic pitch consultant, and would be happy to answer your question with a little more info.


David Rhodes.

Traction sports 07711 846722.

Posted 23 Sep 2010
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Posts: 85

Hi David,
Could you give some advise on the machinery required for the weekly maintenance of a 3g synthetic pitch.

We had one installed over the top of some old tarmac tennis courts last year, I purchased a 3G RENEW machine for brushing.
Am waiting on contractors to do a deep clean and top up the rubber crumb.

Unfortunately this pitch was commissioned from an acquaintance of the Head of Sports, as it was supposed to be from a cancelled contract and offered at a reduced cost?

They failed to come back and top up the rubber crumb and I have had no success at getting specification or maintenance programme

I brush it weekly, it usually only gets about 10 - 15 hours use a week,.

We are hope fully starting building a new school in the very near future and this will have a 100m x 68m 3g pitch, so really need some machinery which will allow more efficient. cleaning.

Hope you and family are well


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