0 25 Year Probe alleviates surface disruption!

Terrain Aeration Services are celebrating their 25th year in the sportsturf and landscape industries. Their specialist soil de-compaction and aeration service has provided the U.K. with a history of successful treatments of all sports surfaces, including football, cricket and golf courses. Their work on green space areas and around trees for example has also provided cost effective benefits to the U.K. landscape sector.

End of season Maintenance
The annual autumn message is as relevant now as it was in 1991 - planning end of season maintenance is essential. The dry summer has produced its own issues for the Sportsturf Manager and Terrain Aeration can provide solutions. Several weeks of hard play have resulted in badly compacted areas. These will need to be aerated professionally and oxygen returned to the soil profile. When the next period of prolonged rain arrives, you cannot afford to have surface flooding purely because de-compaction work was deemed unnecessary.

No surface disruption
Terrain Aeration offers two main types of equipment for this purpose. The Terralift machine profile is unique and purpose built to ensure excellent results without surface disruption or any loss of availability for play. This specialist treatment improves drainage, cures anaerobic conditions and results in improved firmness and rapid drying after rain and so makes the playing surface always available for use. These excellent improvements typically last between 10-12 years making the treatment cost effective, long lasting and most importantly completely mess free.

125mm Grid Pattern
Terrain Aeration also offers a Deep Drill service. This machine drills 16mm diameter 250mm deep holes on a 125mm grid pattern removing the spoil and permitting a degree of soil replacement. The deep drill treatment improves gaseous exchange and drainage in the top 250mm of the soil beneath the turf and so improves turf firmness, rooting depth and durability under heavy use which enhances the immediacy of play.


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