0 91 percent of UK public want farmers paid to protect nature

Ninety-one percent of the UK public want the government to pay farmers to protect nature, with 85 percent believing there is less wildlife in the country than when they were children.

The WWF poll of 2089 adults highlights that the majority of the British public want urgent steps implemented to protect UK wildlife and nature.

The release of the poll follows the deadline (11.45pm 8 May) for the government's consultation on a new agriculture bill.

DEFRA has frequently proposed that farmers be paid to take environmental steps, such as planting hedges, that provides them with no direct income but helps protect wildlife and nature.

The new policy will replace the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which will no longer apply in the UK post-Brexit.

The CAP has been repeatedly attacked for the damage it has caused to wildlife and the environment with many calls for reforms.

DEFRA Secretary Michael Gove has said the CAP "perversely" rewards farmers for "sticking to methods of production that are resource-inefficient".

As many farmers will not generate direct income from supporting nature, WWF is calling for the new agriculture policy to include a commitment from UK Government to pay farmers to make environmental payments so that public money is paid in England to secure these benefits for everyone.

Not only will this help wildlife, argues WWF, but also contribute to improved health and wellbeing as more people are able to enjoy the benefits that come with access to areas rich in wildlife.

Tony Juniper, WWF campaigner, said: "We can bring back wildlife, clean up the air that we breathe and ensure better public access to enjoy our iconic English countryside. If we are going to do this then farmers must be paid to protect and restore nature."

You can read the original article from Farming UK HERE

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