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BEFORE 1.JPGA synthetic sports surface will not last forever. Paradoxically, something that is 'artificial' actually has a life expectancy, usually of around 10 years in the case of older surfaces. As the forerunners in the field of sports pitch maintenance, it is the job of Technical Surfaces to help clients achieve the maximum usage from their facility, and postpone the inevitable: namely, resurfacing.

Long-standing clients of Technical Surfaces are now reaping the benefits of a regular maintenance contract combined with their own in-house efforts, and instead of replacement they are now looking to extend the useful life of their surfaces further, with a Rejeneration®.

At the University of Northumbria, Newcastle the company have maintained the sand-filled pitch on a monthly frequency since 1999, complemented by a series of deep-cleaning, remedial and repair works to help keep the facility in peak condition.

As the pitch entered its tenth year, far from discussing its replacement, university staff instead ordered a full-surface Rejeneration® to address issues of mud and silting arising from recent poor drainage and contamination levels that the surface had been experiencing.AFTER (1).JPG

Due to its age, deeper-seated contamination had developed at the base of the carpet, and over the winter months periods of heavy rain slowed the drainage through the pile. This contamination then caused standing water to accumulate on the pitch, resulting in postponed fixtures and loss of revenue.

Once the Rejeneration® had been carried out, however, the changes to the playing and draining characteristics of the pitch were remarkable.

"We were having to postpone fixtures after we had any prolonged rain," explains Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, Tom Elliott "The recent deep cleaning works have drastically improved the overall appearance and allowed us to use the pitch at all times. They have done a very good job."

By employing Technical Surfaces to carry out regular and specialist maintenance to accompany their own in-house works, the university has successfully delayed the high costs of resurfacing. As long as regular maintenance continues to the surface, they can now expect to receive at least an additional five years' worth of life from this facility as a result of the Rejeneration®.

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