0 A Turf for All Seasons

It used to be difficult to get turf to establish during winter, but no more thanks to a new kikuyu variety - Village Green.

Village Green is a warm season grass that has excellent winter growth. So not only can it establish in the colder weather, it keeps its colour year-round. Village Green

Adrian Pitsiakis, co-owner of Greenacres Turf Group in Western Australia, grows several varieties of turf and says Village Green is far more winter active than other arieties. "We've been growing turf for 30 years, and this is the most exciting grass we have come across," he said.

Greenacres grew the Village Green turf that was laid at Quarry Park in Meadow Springs, Western Australia. The turf was established last winter, and, as you can see by the picture, looks fantastic. Being winter active, Village Green can establish in winter with no trouble at all," Adrian said.

It needed no supplementary watering during the colder months, so it was more water efficient than other varieties. And, by following the maintenance calendar on the Village Green website, it continues to look great.

Village Green Turf customers are amazed at how green their lawn and ovals and look; some even say it could be mistaken for an English "Village Green" because of its softness, all year-round colour and dense cover.

But the similarities stop there, Village Green lawn and turf has been bred in Australia for Australian conditions with in-built drought tolerance and low fertiliser requirements. Now you can have green lawn and green turf areas without the guilt.

For more information on Village Green, or to find a local supplier, visit: www.villagegreenturf.com.au

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