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RMX 300 Adjust EXTEND CopyThe Wessex ProLine RMX-300 rigid deck mower is just what you need if you have a good few acres to mow. Ideal for sports complexes and large private estates where road travel is not necessary, the RMX-300 has a working width of 3.0m to give you a workrate of 12.3 acres per hour with a tractor of 55hp upwards.

Five precision spindles and high speed blade tips beneath the deck slice the grass into fine particles and the rear roller ensures an excellent finished result. Wessex ProLine RMX professional roller mowers have steadily built a loyal following for cutting sports pitches, playing fields, golf courses and council maintained amenity areas. In fact they are working anywhere there is a large area of grass to be cut that demands a finish equal to the traditional cylinder mower on fine turf but without the associated running costs.

So popular are these mowers that Wessex has developed a whole family in various configurations and sizes. At just over 3.1m overall width, the Wessex ProLine RMX-300 is the largest rigid deck mower in the range and is ideally suited to working on football pitches, parks and corporate gardens, amenity areas and large estates. The cutting height range is 10mm to 100mm and the approximate weight of the mower is 722kg.

The overall design of the RMX-300 is one of simplicity, making adjustments and servicing as straightforward as possible, to help minimise the costs of maintaining the mower, especially in comparison with the traditional cylinder type.

Wessex recommends having a demonstration to really see the benefits and make comparisons.

Wessex International: 01264 345870 www.wessexintl.com

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