0 Adjustment of Sand Levels


To ensure the maximum life expectancy of a synthetic pitch is achieved it is vital that correct sand levels are maintained. Too much or too little sand will accelerate the wear rate of the carpet pile (normally 1 mm per year). Excessive sand will cause attrition with the carpet breaking down the fibres, while insufficient infill will cause the pile to fold and expose a larger surface area of carpet to be in contact with players footwear.

As well as the effecting wear rate incorrect sand levels can also alter the playing characteristics of a pitch, detract from the appearance and in severe cases obscure the visibility of lines altogether.

The amount of sand to be added/removed will be dependent on a number of factors one of which is how much sand is lost through natural migration. Once assessed by our technicians our specialist machinery can accurately control the exact amount of sand to be extracted/imported to ensure the correct tolerances are achieved.


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