0 AFT Trenchers increases sales to overseas buyers

Trailer filling Sandbander, ArkThere are always mixed reviews following an exhibition and Saltex is no exception. For AFT Trenchers an opportunity to report a successful number of sales at the show is a positive point that is worth making. The interesting aspect of the sales, which included a WizzWheel 55 and AFT 45 and an AFT Sandbander, is that they all were purchased by overseas visitors.

"We have to be realistic in our appraisal of any promotional and marketing activity" said Harry Jurgens, Managing Director of AFT Trenchers "The number of visitors to our stand was certainly well down on previous years. However, the sales stand up for themselves and as a company that is looking to strengthen its position globally as well as in its home market, all sales, however obtained and from wherever they come, are most welcome."

The AFT 45, still the most versatile small sportsturf trencher on the market today. Suitable for compact tractors of 20-45hp (15-34kW), the AFT45 was designed as a versatile trencher for golf courses and sports fields for the installation of drainage and irrigation systems. The ideal tool to quickly install sophisticated drainage systems, as and when you need it and with minimal disruption to play. The AFT 45 can also been seen on Terrain Aeration stand DAB 41 and Hunts Contractors.

The AFT Sandbander gives fast results with minimum disruption to play. The Sandbander has revolutionised the way sand slits are installed on sport surfaces. The unique blade design and oscillating movement installs drainage slits with well consolidated sand, providing the best and longest lasting surface drainage solution.

Support wheels and low impact tyres allow the Sandbander access to greens and fine turf areas with a fully loaded machine. Designed for use with the smallest 20hp tractors for fast and easy installation of 25 or 50mm sand slits with a maximum depth of 250mm (10").

More information is available at www.trenchers.co.uk

Or contact: Harry Jurgens Tel: 01787 311 811 Fax: 01787 310 888 e.mail: info@trenchers.co.uk web: www.trenchers.co.uk

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