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Agripower March 08 022.jpgIn a fragile economic climate sound investment is about minimising risk. Agripower one of the UK's leading sports turf firms has a 45 year heritage and a long history of delivering projects on budget, on spec and on time.

The company is now applying their expertise to related building and construction projects.

Director, Graham Longdin says "Traditionally we are contracted to a builder who holds the reins of a project but when building firms become financially threatened it puts the entire project under strain. We took stock and decided to reorganise our resources and make the investment required to offer a totally turnkey operation. It's been an incredible success."

Agripower can now give customers, the reassurance of a low risk provider with a reliable track record and the security that comes from offering a broad range of quality services. Their new strengths are illustrated in the following case study.

Client: ATA Wandsworth
Project Value: £1.8 million
Duration: 18 weeks
Description: Pavillion, infrastructure and associated works; three winter games pitches, one all weather pitch.

Agripower March 08 023.jpg Pavillion building, infrastructure and associated works - Constructed with a contemporary design consisting of an Kal-zip aluminium roof and a five layer render finish in a colour pallet to reflect the school colours. Internal construction included four shower blocks and changing rooms, breakout area, two further toilet blocks and a disabled toilet. Security installations included intruder and fire alarms and remote CCTV surveillance. External works included turnaround areas, disabled parking, 10 metre access gates, access paths, soft landscaping and ball stop fencing. All utility works including storm and foul sewers were completed by Agripower.

Pitches - A training pitch, a ten strip cricket square and a full size synthetic hockey/football pitch were installed. The main drainage for the entire site was run through a 120 m3 attenuation system and two Hydrobrake chambers to modulate outflow.

The synthetic pitch installation faced a key challenge with pockets of running sand and clay strata causing sub base instability. A 300mm soil stabilisation layer solved the issue by forming a 'raft' to meet the required tolerances. Fifteen millimetre shock pads, 18mm sand dressed carpet, remotely switch floodlights and a 4.8 metre high fence completed the brief.

The natural pitch installation delivered yet more challenges as the existing topsoil contained glass and ceramic contamination. The surface was stoneburied twice and then hand picked to remove 7.5 tonnes of material. Two thousand five hundred tonnes of an approved root zone were then imported, spread and levelled, providing a 100mm barrier. A10 strip cricket table was installed to Agripower design, delivering an affordable and easily maintained pitch. Agripower included a year's full maintenance in the project to bring the pitches up to peak condition.

Agripower has a proven commitment to service and quality and this Case Study illustrates the ease with which they have extended these values to a new facet of their business. They consistently use initiative and creative problem solving to work with clients in delivering exceptional results. For Agripower turning vision into reality is all in a day's work and that's why turnkey will definitely open doors.

For more information, quotes, interviews or images please contact Graham Longdin on graham.longdin@agripower.co.uk, call 01494 866776 or visit www.agripower.co.uk.

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