0 Airion: A New Blower

Airion PellencFrench Manufacturer Pellenc has launched the lightest, quietest and most environmentally friendly hand-held electric blower for local towns, landscape architects and golfers.

The Airion, which is exclusively distributed in the UK by Etesia UK, is a hand‐held blower intended for cleaning roads, parks and gardens. Weighing only 2.6 kg and with a noise level of just 80 db, it is the lightest and quietest professional blower on the market and can be used near sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools. It is very comfortable to hold owing to the soft touch new generation handgrip and is optimally balanced for natural tilting towards the ground.

The Airion has 4 speeds which easily enable the operator to effortlessly optimise and adjust the speed of the air expelled according to its working environment (roads, markets, gardens, etc.) and the site to be cleaned (dry leaves, wet leaves, on gravel, etc.). Keeping the speed selector button pressed instantly selects the booster mode, giving a maximum power of 750 Watts. This function is especially useful for picking up wet vegetation or heavy waste matter. This mode is available for all speeds.

The progressive trigger enables the airflow to be controlled very precisely. The principal advantage is efficient battery management. On roads, the trigger can prevent the scattering of gravel. The inlet grille has been specially designed to reduce the sound level as much as possible while maintaining exceptional blowing performance. Pellenc was inspired by aircraft propellers to design a strong, quiet and efficient axial turbine. The air intake and airflow are optimised by the air inlet which is designed to accelerate the inlet airflow.

In the interests of sustainable development, Pellenc has launched a range of environmentally friendly tools with almost zero CO² emissions.

Lithium‐ion technology combined with the Pellenc motor means that the Airion emits very little CO² into the environment, giving the tool a very clean image.

Comparing the direct emissions of CO² of the Airion with a petrol blower, the difference is enormous. A petrol‐engine blower has a direct emission of over 4 tonnes of CO² per year while the Airion only emits 47 kg.

The Airion prevents almost 99% of the direct emissions of a petrol engine. If Pellenc batteries are recharged with the recently launched Solerion solar charger, direct CO² emissions are totally eliminated.

Petrol-engine blower

Direct emissions + fuel production


Direct emissions + electricity production

With Solerion

Direct emissions

Carbon equivalent / hour

3.3kg CO²

39g CO²

0g CO²

Carbon equivalent / day

20kg CO²

234g CO²

0g CO²

Carbon equivalent / year

4 tonnes CO²

47kg CO²

0g CO²

For further information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit www.etesia.co.uk

Image: Pellenc has launched the lightest, quietest and most environmentally friendly hand-held electric blower, available from Etesia UK.

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