0 AL_A design stackable football pitches to revive fading communities

Stackable1Amanda Levete's architecture studio, AL_A, have created a unique concept to bring stackable 5-a-side football pitches to derelict sites in London.

The project, called Pitch/Pitch, is designed to bring communities together through sport. Each three-storey carbon fibre structure is conceived as a temporary installation that is fast and easy to erect, meaning the pitches could be built to coincide with major football tournaments or to quickly bring life back to fading communities.

Developed in collaboration with Arup, each system is modular - with the levels linked by two staircases - and can be stored in shipping containers to be transported to another venue once it has been dismantled. Platforms for spectators are incorporated into the design, and extra facilities such as changing rooms can be prefabricated and delivered to a site on demand.

AL_A director Maximiliano Arrocet told Sports Management: "This project has been completely driven by us, so we didn't have a brief. As an office we enjoy sport, and we've always viewed is as a way of creating social cohesion. We used to play football together, but we haven't been able to book a pitch for a long time because of demand for spaces. The cost of pitches is rising too.

Stackable2"I remember my neighbourhood at home was brought together by playing football on the streets. We all knew everyone, and if you had a friend you'd bring them over for tea after a game. In London, we feel this kind of thing is fading away, and this project is a great way of bringing it back. Some areas, especially the densified spaces, are more premium, so we had the idea of stacking the pitches to save space."

Each pitch is standard size for 5-a-side, but Arrocet said the facilities are also designed to host activities such as dance classes and yoga, and could feasibly adapted for other sports such as basketball.

AL_A are seeking partners to aid the financing and implementation of the scheme across London.

According to Arrocet, the studio are also open to developing the concept elsewhere in the UK and abroad, if potential partners express an interest in the project.

You can read the full article from Sports Management HERE


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