0 ALS Launch New Mankar HQ Ultra Low Volume Spray Lance

mankarALS will be launching the new Mankar HQ Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spray lance at this year's inauguaral BALI Landscaping Show.

This is a modern, updated design that enables spray operators to work for many hours without ever having to return to a support vehicle or base to find water. Uniquely, this system applies neat herbicide so no water is required.

So, not only are there massive savings in labour man hours, but the system also cuts the amount of herbicide used by at least 50%, so there are further savings in chemical costs.

In addition, environmentally this system ticks all the boxes. Its reduced herbicide use helps users meet the EU's Sustainable Use of Pesticide Directive reduced pesticide targets. Its spray system eliminates small 'driftable' droplets and also works under a spray shield, which virtually eliminates spray drift and allows work to continue in more marginal wind conditions, increasing productivity.

The spray hood turns through 90 degrees. In its 'in line' position you can swath Amenity 3larger areas by swinging in an arc as you move forward, you can also get into narrow spaces between and under shrub foliage and moving forwards in this mode gives you a narrow, sharp edged spray band of about 100-125mm for grass edging or say around grave stones.

Mankar-CarryFinally, because the system is shoulder strap supported and weighs under 3Kg operators are not fatigued nor will they suffer weight handling problems as with knapsack sprayers, making them more productive and safer on rough ground.

Its price tag of £440.00 can be easily recovered in labour and chemical savings in less than a month, compared to either CDA or knapsack spraying for any contractors that are doing a lot of weed control work.

Come and see it for yourself on stand B7or click on the link below:

Mankar ultra low volume (ULV) weed sprayer

Exhibitor News: Amentity Land Solutions - Stand B76/13/2011

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