1 Amazing Rollers

Amazing Rollers

By Laurence Gale MSc

Cricket clubs up and down the country must have between them the finest collection of old rollers ever. I have never seen so many different types, there always seems torollers-pair.jpg

Many of these old rollers could still do a reasonable job of pre season rolling, however, many staff do not like using them because it is too hard a task or too time consuming, much preferring to use their mowers to help with early season consolidation work.

Pictured below are a few rollers I saw on my recent travels. These rollers have played an important part in preparing squares and providing playing surfaces over the years. There must be hundreds if not thousands of rollers up and down the country lying in the undergrowth or even still being used. The history behind many of these rollers must be fascinating.

Have you got a story to tell about your roller? Do you still use it or is it, like most, left decaying and forgotten in a hidden corner of your ground? Let us know.

rollers-hand-1.jpg rollers-hand-2.jpg

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