0 Amenity Assured scheme a significant step forward

The Crop Protection Association (CPA) has welcomed the revised Amenity Assured Standard launched (22 November) at Pride Park as a significant step forward.

Dr Anne Buckenham, CPA's Director of Policy said: "CPA was involved in the revision of the Amenity Assured Standard and believes that the updated scheme represents a notable improvement to the status quo. It sets out a number of legal requirements and good practices that must be complied with by those seeking to achieve Amenity Assured status and will help to raise standards of pesticide application in the amenity sector."

However Dr Buckenham said that CPA was unable to fully endorse the revised Standard because it still allows the use of handheld spray lances by operators whilst they are driving a vehicle, a practice which the Health and Safety Executive has said is 'not appropriate and does not represent good practice in applying pesticides.'

"CPA is keen to see continued improvement in standards of pesticide application and we would have preferred the revised Standard to prohibit this practice in public areas."

"Nevertheless, CPA remains committed to working with BASIS and other stakeholders in the diverse amenity sector to promote pesticide stewardship and the adoption of good spraying practice," said Dr Buckenham.

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