1 An apology to Mansfield Sand

An apology

By Dave Saltman

In our latest Pitchcare hard copy magazine we ran the topical article below, which was already widely published in the National Press.

However the training ground pitches used by Newcastle United are actually constructed using Loksand and not Fibresand as stated.

Fibresand is a product produced solely by Mansfield Sand.

We would like to apologise to Mansfield Sand for this error and we hope to publish a response from Mansfield Sand about their products, which are currently in use at Stadiums and training facilities all over the UK.

Souness blames Fibre Sand for injuries

ACCORDING to Newcastle United Manager, Graeme Souness, his lengthy injury list is caused by the fibre sand area used at their
training ground.
Eight of his first team are suffering from hamstring or thigh strains which Souness attributes directly to the fibre
He said: "We've lost closeon 600 days to hamstrings alone in the last three years at the training ground. In the
two years before Newcastle came to this training ground we were on a par with the rest of the Premiership. We
were losing about 90 days a year to hamstring injuries. We're running treble that now."

"We have a very hard fibresand area that was the only area we could really train on last year and we felt that was
our biggest problem, and the (hamstring) statistics bear that out."

His first team training has been moved to the Academy Training Ground.

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