0 An Interview with Mike Stott

Mike Stott is a well-known face in the golf industry with over 40 years of experience in the horticultural machinery field. Since 1988 Mike has been a key member of GreenTek Solutions Ltd, driving sales growth and overseeing the launch of new product innovations that have really pushed the golf industry forward. He is currently responsible for worldwide dealer sales.

What was greenkeeping machinery like in the late 80s, when you first joined GreenTek?

The majority of greenkeeping machinery back then was either pedestrian or tractor towed. Fairways were cut with gang mowers and greens more often than not were cut by hand using machines such as Ransomes Auto-Certes. The specialist kits that we see today did not exist in the same way.

What changes have you seen to greenkeeping practices over the years?

Nowadays, with the increase in TV coverage of golfing events, along with the growth of the golfing media landscape, golfers' expectations of playing surfaces has really risen to a whole new level. There are big demands on greenkeepers to produce quality, true, fast surfaces. Which of course has gone hand in hand with the rise of mechanical kits such as the triple mower, vertidrain and the superb Thatch-Away Supa-System.

Why has GreenTek Solutions been so successful in the UK and globally?

The GreenTek company began in 1969 with the founder of the company fixing old lawnmowers in his garage! The global success that GreenTek sees today is based on unchanging core principles that we've had from day one. We conduct our business with generosity and integrity, we treat our customers fairly, and we operate what we call '100/100' - which means we aim to give 100% effectiveness 100% of the time. We like to give our customers the WOW factor!

How do you focus your activity within the golf industry?

Our mission is to be the number one global manufacturer and distributor of innovative greens care systems worldwide. We believe that GreenTek equipment produces unrivalled results that greenkeepers love. As such our focus every day is to push forward, keep adding value for our customers, and to make our products the equipment of choice for golf clubs worldwide.

Which are the main benefits of the turf care machinery distributed by GreenTek Solutions?

GreenTek equipment is so successful because it delivers amazing results! We have a range of equipment to help the greenkeeper undertake all daily tasks - quickly, efficiently and with no hassle. We like to make life easier for greenkeepers by creating truer, faster greens and immaculate fairways! In addition, all GreenTek equipment is exceptionally well made, and we have one of the longest warranties in the business with a 2 year guarantee for all our equipment, and a 5 year guarantee for the Thatch-Away Supa-System.

The Thatch-Away Supa-System is your main product targeted to golf course greenkeepers and sport pitches groundsmen. Why is it so useful?

The Thatch-Away Supa-System's ability to cleanly remove and collect thatch makes it an essential piece of equipment to create beautifully groomed, playable surfaces. The Thatch-Away Supa-System is universal to fit on all triples mowers, with interchangeable cassettes that are easy to swop over (no tools needed) depending on the task in hand, including verticutting, grooming, scarifying, roller, slitter, brushing and more. The System has unique 'set by feel' height adjusters for a tailored performance. All in all, our customers tell us that the Thatch-Away Supa-System is amazing at saving huge amounts of man-hours and money. It really is an incredible system.

You have been travelling to many countries, what similarities do you see between our golf industry compared to ones abroad?

Yes over the past year I've visited golf clubs and dealers in America, Germany, France, Latvia, Ireland and Norway. Golf has suffered in recent times due to the poor economic and political climate, but new shoots of growth are well and truly sprouting now! Greenkeepers the world over are invariably the same - they want high performing equipment that is good value, saves them time and effort, and produces faster, truer greens to make their members happy.

What major greenkeeping events will you be attending this year?

GreenTek always exhibits at BTME in Harrogate, England, which is a great show for meeting customers, suppliers and dealers, and where we always look to demonstrate our latest product innovations. This year I will also be attending the Spanish Greenkeepers Association and GaLaBau in Nuremberg, Germany.

Your position in the UK is growing stronger every year. What are your goals for the coming years?

GreenTek is the UK's number one manufacturer of greens mower attachments. In fact, 90% of the UK's Top 100 golf clubs use GreenTek equipment to create tournament-ready greens. Our aim is to keep our customers happy and continue to push the boundaries. We'll look at creating new solutions that will help greenkeepers further…

Want to speak to Mike? Tel: 0113 267 7000 or email: mike@greentek.uk.com

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