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Following the successful launch at IOG Saltex Windsor of the Lloyds-Maredo Turfcare System, a pedestrian power unit with multi using range of ttachments, comes the next chapter. BTME now sees the launch of the Lloyds-Maredo Greensmower Turfcare System which is designed for ride-on equipment, and is ideally suited to the golf market.

clive-nottinham-mowes.jpgThe new range of interchangeable greens maintenance units which specialise in providing advanced mechanical solutions for fine turf management.
The equipment has been specifically designed and manufactured to suit all major makes of triplex greens mowers. The range of units are totally new and unique and many of the features are patented.

These include the patented Vibe-Spiker System this allows surface aeration without disrupting play and leaves the surface immediately playable straight after carrying out this operation. The spikes roll across the surface and enter the ground and remove cleanly, this is made possible by the vibrating shaft which aids the spiking action resulting in a clean efficient performance.

The Vibe-Corer Aerator is another patented system which has vertical action coring or solid pencil tines which have a unique vibrating stepping action; this has the most effective clean entry and exit of the playing surface, which again ensures the playing surface has little or no disruption. Cores are collected via the rear core collecting blade which can collect most cores in a single pass.

Any additional cleaning if required can be done using the Brush Collection System.

One of the most innovative features of the Lloyds-Maredo Turfcare System is the patented Over-Seeder System modelled on the Vibe-Spiker System, meaning the rolling spikes vibrate across the surface while collecting the measured dose of seed which is funnelled to the spikes, which in turn collect and plant the seeds at the optimum depth for germination.

Again this is done without disruption to the playing surface, resulting in the over seeding operation being able to carried out at anytime without effecting play.
A variety of other operations can be done including: - the removal of thatch from golf greens and tees and other sports surfaces with verti-cutting and scarifying, along with fine surface "grooming" and poa management with the Scarifying and Verti-Cutting System.

Deep scarification and verti-cutting can be carried out along with a light operation, which can also groom the playing surface ensuring an efficient and improved playing surface.

The increased speed of golf greens and other sports playing surfaces can be achieved by the firming and levelling of the playing surface, by means of the Vibrating Turf Iron System.

Unlike other rolling machines this system uses a series of vibrating shoes that press the surface with a high frequency. This is a more natural effect like
evenly walking on a green, opposed to rollers which push against the surface causing waves and ripples.

The Brush and Collection Units allow for collecting of cores from the Vibe-Corer or cleaning and sweeping of greens. This system can also be used for brushing in top-dressing, this is more effective that using drag brushes.

For further details contact Clive Nottingham or Geoff Roberts at Lloyds & Co Letchworth Ltd on Tel: 01462-683031 e-mail: sales@lloydsandco.com
If you would like us to e-mail you any pictures please e-mail sales@lloydsandco.com or give us a call

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