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The 90-minute 2011 documentary 'You've Been Trumped', which looked at the battle between some local Aberdeenshire people and tycoon Donald Trump over his plans to build a 'billion pound' golf resort, has been aired on national BBC television. The broadcast led to a huge reaction on social media, with the hashtag #trumped trending on Twitter in the UK for several hours.

The film, directed by Anthony Baxter, explores the lives of some of the residents who did not want to lose their homes during early stages of the construction of Trump International Golf Links. It alleges that assurances made by Trump were broken and implied that security at the site was at times heavy handed.

The documentary also examined the environmental impact of the project and the political decisions that led to it being given the go-ahead, both of which were highly controversial topics from 2006 onwards.

During the film Baxter was arrested after he complained to a construction site manager that the residents had been without water for a week. He spent four hours in a cell and had his footage confiscated.

The movie also described how one resident had a fence erected on his property without his consent, and then was presented with a bill for nearly £3,000 for its construction by the golf club.

And the broadcast showed Trump repeatedly telling the Scottish media that Michael Forbes, a man who refused to sell his home to make way for the development, "lives like a pig."

"I look at Mr Forbes and the disgusting conditions in which he lives," he said. "People have to look at that. It's time someone spoke out. It's a slum-like condition. For people to have to look at this virtual slum is a disgrace.

"If we build a $400 million dollar hotel, you don't want the windows looking down into a slum."

When Baxter tried to ask Trump questions at a press conference he was accused of not being a 'real or proper' journalist.

The actor, author and comedian, Charlie Higson, said the film was "brilliant and eye opening. It really reminded me of The Simpsons episode where Lyle Lanley sells Springfield a monorail. Extraordinary. Scary levels of corruption and duplicity."

The television presenter Monty Don wrote: "I watched it with horror and professional admiration. Golf corrupts. Golf plus power corrupts absolutely."

Film critic Mark Kemode stated: "Didn't think it was possible, but 'You've Been Trumped' is making me even more angry / sad second time around."

The actress Suman Calman added: "If you haven't seen 'You've Been Trumped', it's worth a look. I'm more than a little bit angry about a lot of things now."

The novelist Jenny Eclair tweeted: "'You've Been Trumped' is an eye opener into utterly extraordinary levels of corruption. Mesmerising."

The musician Martin Bulloch, a member of the band Mogwai, said: "Anyone else still raging after watching 'You've Been Trumped' last night? The SNP and Grampian Police should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves."

And the Scottish comedian Limmy wrote: "No one with a good conscience can watch You've Been Trumped and then vote SNP."

However, not everyone agreed with their views. Chris Law, a professional golfer at the Kings Links Golf Centre in Aberdeen, said: "I wouldn't call it a documentary; more like anti-Trump propaganda."

Trump International Golf Links opened for play this summer. However, the resort, which was meant to feature two courses, a hotel, a 'super luxury' clubhouse and other properties following a £750 million investment, currently only has one course and a temporary clubhouse, and about £100 million has so far been spent on it, due to a dispute over a nearby wind farm.

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