0 April 2018 Pitch Maintenance Diaries

Sports covered are bowls, cricket, rugby, football, golf and tennis.

We may have the last of the snow behind us and, if you're in the North, expect a drier week or two to boot. Southern parts of England and Wales, however, maybe don't pack the covers away just yet.

There will be plenty of time for rolling and cutting when May comes along. So, for now, get the groundwork laid down properly. Keep the ground fed, aerated and healthy, and by next month, the mixture of sunny spells and showers could have completely changed the appearance of your surface.

Our diaries are here to offer some guidance on the work required during the coming month. They are not set in stone, and local conditions will determine the work schedule.

Don't forget, you can also use our Pitchcare Forum, where members can ask for and offer advice on the whole range of sports turf surfaces issues.

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