0 Aquatrols granted European patent on Revolution® technology

Aquatrols announces the issuance of a European patent for the novel technology in the soil surfactant Revolution®. The patent covers the alkyl terminated 'methyl-capped' block co-polymer technology in Revolution and the use of that technology for enhancing plant productivity by improving the plant growing environment. This is the twelfth Aquatrols technology to receive patent protection in the last decade.

According to Aquatrols, the patent validates and protects the uniqueness of Revolution's methyl-capped soil surfactant chemistry. Says Andy Moore, Director of Business Development and Marketing, "This information can give our distributor and turf manager customers confidence that Revolution is the only product of its kind and allows unparalleled consistency of rootzone moisture and growing conditions."

Aquatrols' manager of International Business, Nick Gadd, notes that "Golf courses in Europe have found that Revolution allows them a level of control over their turf's root zone environment that they just didn't have before. The issuing of the patent verifies how unique that is. It's not something that just any product or technology can do."

The patented technology is the result of a collaborative research program begun in 2000 between Aquatrols Corporation of America, world leaders in understanding and formulating solutions to soil water repellency, and the Performance Chemicals Division of BASF, the world's largest chemical company. The inventors are Dr. Stanley Kostka, Director of Technology and Innovation for Aquatrols, and Dr. Gregor Schuermann, Head of Industry Service Chemical-Technical Industry Europe for BASFAG. Aquatrols has worldwide rights to the technology in the markets that it serves.

According to Tracy Jarman, President and CEO of Aquatrols, "We are very pleased with the news that the European patent on the technology in Revolution has been granted. Revolution is the most extensively tested soil surfactant ever introduced into the turf market and has been very well received worldwide. Its uniqueness is now validated and protected. We are happy with the results from this collaboration and look forward to more developments based on this platform technology."

Andy Moore, Aquatrols' Director of Business Development and Marketing points out that "This technology was being developed even while we had the leading product in the market. We recognized that having the best technology didn't mean there wasn't something better. We continue to look for ever more effective means of solving problems in the growing environment and enhancing growing conditions to help turf managers and other growers make better use of their resources - especially water"

Aquatrols, based in Paulsboro, NJ, has been engaged for more than 50 years in the discovery, development and commercialization of uniquely effective products and technologies that improve the rootzone environment and increase water and input efficiencies for better growing conditions. The performance of all Aquatrols products is backed by worldwide research and supported by a team of experts in the field and at their headquarters. Aquatrols products are available through distributors worldwide.

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